Putin urges: “Russian citizenship for all Ukrainians” – Europe

Russian troops are not allowed to bomb Ukraine, from Kharkiv Donbass to the Black Sea, but from Moscow. Vladimir Putin also launched a political challenge in Kiev: All Ukrainians, not just those living in the occupied territories, have easy access to Russian citizenship.

Volodymyr Zelensky Rather it aims to alter the fate of the conflict on the ground. His plan included a massive counter-offensive, with a million soldiers equipped with modern Western weapons, to liberate the south of the country occupied by the invaders.

White House National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan said in the evening The Iranian government is preparing to supply drones to Russia, including some armed. “Our information indicates that Iran is preparing to train Russian forces in the use of these remotely piloted aircraft, with the first training sessions scheduled for July,” Sullivan said.

Putin wants to win the war with missiles and artillery, but not his hidden goal Destroy Ukraine as a state entity, in the belief that there are only people of the Russian ethnic and socio-cultural matrix. Pursuing this obsession, the Tsar decided that “all Ukrainian citizens have the right to apply for citizenship of the Russian Federation under a simplified procedure.” Therefore, it is not necessary to have lived in Russia for five years, provide proof of income or pass a language test.

So far, troops have already started distributing Russian passports in the separatist regions of the Donbass and, since last May, in the occupied regions of Zaporizhia and Kherson.

For Kiev, Putin’s initiative is still an act.Violation of integrity and sovereignty“of the country, but at this point Ukrainian authorities are halting the enemy’s advance to bring about a change in the conflict.

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Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov explained that the plan (too ambitious for some Western analysts) was to set up a maxi-cannibal with weapons supplied by NATO countries to retake the Black Sea littorals. In an interview with The Times. “We have about 700,000 people in the armed forces, plus national guards, police and border guards, and we will reach one million,” the minister added. Zelensky gave specific orders to develop a strategy because “the liberation of these regions is indispensable for the country”.

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Erdogan’s phone call with Putin, then with Zelensky in the grain corridors
Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan had a phone conversation. This was announced by the Turkish president, and the two leaders discussed the Ukrainian crisis and grain corridors, according to the Tass report. “The time has come to implement the plan to create corridors for the export of Ukrainian grain,” Erdogan told Putin. The Turkish presidential office said the two leaders discussed “the situation in Syria, the situation in Ukraine in light of Russian military operations, and the creation of safe corridors for the export of grain from the Black Sea.” Das reports.

Erdogan had a phone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky about the creation of safe corridors for grain exports in the Black Sea, Anadolu Agency reported, citing the Turkish Presidency’s Communications Directorate. Erdo─čan, who said that peace in Ukraine is the greatest desire, emphasized that Turkey continues to work on the plan prepared by the United Nations to supply Ukraine’s grain products to the world market, and that the Ukraine-Russia settlement will take place. By diplomacy in every case.

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Meanwhile The first eight foreign ships arrived at Ukrainian ports To export agricultural products, the Ukrainian Navy is committed to ensuring safe transportation. This was announced by the Navy’s news service on Facebook in the evening, Ukrinform reported. “At the request of the Ministry of Infrastructure, the naval units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces guarantee the transportation of agricultural products by civilian vessels through the Bystre entrance of the Danube-Black Sea Canal”, the Navy noted. The use of the canal was made possible by the liberation of Snake Island from the Russian invaders.

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