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The bloodthirsty Chechen leader says in an online video that he is close to Kiev: his fighters want to kill Zhelensky, but he lost dozens in the Hostomal war.

Ramzan Kadyrov is comfortable among the dead, and more With Vladimir Putin. So it is possible The Chechen dictator has arrived on the battlefield to consolidate his forces in Ukraine. The leader appeared as a leader in a video on the Telegram channel. Wear camouflage, perhaps the best Italian fashion brand boots, Ready to discuss next moves with Division Commanders Sorting In the Hostomel area. “Another day we were about 20 kilometers away Nazis from youNow we are even closer, “compelled the enemy to surrender or” finish you off “.

The words of a brutal, bloodthirsty character, the true executor of the Jar commands. There is currently no confirmation of his presence The Kremlin wants to say he has no information. The phrase, which opens any hypothesis around an image that wants to be the center of attention, is not afraid of excess, and is good for all seasons of the Kremlin. The abbreviated line on the Internet actually refers to dual role, functional and campaign. The direction of the first capital is connected with the pressure of the Russian forces. Second, it helps lift players after the losses they have suffered in recent weeks. Kadyrov has a track record that is always ready to “defend the interests of Russia.”

Crowd in the square

At the beginning of the special operation IThe president attended a “Khadrovtsky” street meeting with hundreds of militants., A show in support of the message sent by the army page 10 thousand people. An avant-garde. Because, as he himself knocked, 70,000 people were ready. Pictures of the military column taken to the ground after the invasion followed by declarations, Always ensure a direct commitment without surprises. A sector affected by TB2 drone strikes (Turkish production) and attacks by local special forces has had dozens of deaths. Among the victims by the authorities.

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Reconsidered by the pro-Russian regime. Only two of us were killed, the dictator responded, trying to minimize the impact. But long before that, the war in the hostomal region was so intense that everyone was hurt. Kadyrov sent some audio messages BBC, He was one of the few who had been announcing for months what was going to happen. In conversations – difficult to recognize – Number One discusses with his officer the preparations for war, the goals, and the fears of adverse reactions between teams. There are explicit references to meetings held for coordination with the Russians. Reflective involvement in support from Grozny to Moscow.

As Neil Hour points out, Chechnya represents a form in which the Kremlin wants to reproduce – When taking into account the differences – on Ukrainian soil. In addition, the militants took decisive intervention in Syria, first participating in the conflict and then performing military police duties. The role they can play once they capture key centers. Maybe they will have to fight with Chechen allies in Ukraine, not today. Haur also recalled the existence of two anti-Russian organizations, the Sheikh Mansour Battalion and the Dudev Battalion, whose leader Adam Osmev was attacked in Kiev in 2017, where his wife died. The couple was involved in a confrontation in Donbass.

Ambush is another specialty of Kadiro, A few enemies were not disbanded abroad. His team would have been It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Hussein And catch other executives. Agents are also said to have layers of cards depicting those in need What the Americans did when they hunted down Saddam Hussein’s close associates in Iraq. Perhaps the story of the secret plan is a “rumor”, the meaning does not change: he executes when Moscow calls the dictator.

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Syrian volunteers

More torture The case of the Syrian “volunteers”, A component that spreads unverifiable messages. A report points out that the Rostov region has 400, while Russian television has shown recruitment in Syria, the Tire Is Sur area, which is managed by an influential hierarchy, Hussein Katarjee. Until a few days ago U.S. sources have been wary of mass infiltration of Arab mercenaries Analysts, however, seemed optimistic that Moscow did not need it and hoped it would backfire. If they are serious, it will not take long to figure it out.

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