June 12, 2019 News

RB Care Home’s Raqia Bibi has been asked to speak in Parliament once again

After the prestigious honour of being invited to speak at Parliament in 2018, Raqia Bibi, the Operations Director of RB Care Homes, has once again been humbled with an invite to speak on the importance of developing healthcare for the older generation in 2019.
After winning the best practice award at the event in 2018, RB Care Homes are confident they will exceed expectations this year and will continue to provide the gold-standard in residential care.


In 2018, RB Care Homes were grateful to be presented with such a platform to express their views and showcase their ongoing efforts to improve and lead the way in the healthcare sector. Raqia Bibi said, “It’s a humbling experience to be recognised not once but twice by Parliament for our hard work and dedication and we are extremely proud to be able to set a precedent for other companies.”
Alongside being able to express RB Care Homes’ views and goals on residential care in front of MPs, Raqia has been asked to contribute to the Parliamentary Review. Fiercely admired and revered by many, the Parliamentary Review is a well-established journal with a strong influence.
“It’s fantastic for us to be able to educate people on the importance of care homes and to be able to take ailing residences and turn them into high-performing facilities, that make both RB Care Homes and it’s residents proud. Providing amazing care is at the heart of what we do and to speak about that at Parliament is truly amazing,” said Raqia, when asked about what it means to be invited to speak for a second time at Parliament.
With an ever increasing, ageing population, residential homes and 5-star care are more important than ever. The exciting and rewarding work achieved by RB Care Homes is key to providing people with trust-worthy, reliable care when it is needed most.


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