Record heat, 510 deaths in 7 days in Spain. Sanchez: “Climate change kills”. In France, the Gironde burns

510 people have died due to the heat wave in Spain in the last few days. The number was reported by Efe news agency based on data from the Carlos III Health Institute. The data, adds the same source, relates to the period July 10-16. Of the registered deaths, 442 were over 75 years of age. The Madrid calculation is approx 20 fire Still out of control in various parts of the country from the south Galicia, in the far northwest. Here the flames are almost extinguished 4,500 hectares of land. last victims Fire is one FiremanHe succumbed to his injuries while trying to put out the fire on Sunday evening Zamor Province In the northwest of the country, and A Goat breeder It was found lifeless in the same hilly area.

“The Climate change Kills,” said the Spanish Prime Minister. Pedro SanchezDuring a visit to the regionExtremadura, Firefighters are battling three major fires there. “It kills PeopleIt will kill us Environmental systems and biodiversity”, he emphasized, linking the situation in Spain to climate change. The heat wave in the country is expected to subside on Tuesday, but there will be some respite as temperatures rise again on Wednesday, especially in the drier part of western Extremadura. Record maximum heat and fire warning PortugalWhere they touched 47 degrees Centigrade, record for July. In the Lusitanian country, the fire has so far killed two people, injured about 60 people and destroyed 12,000 to 15,000 hectares of land.

Also French territory Gironde It is held by two adults forest fire Burned more so far 14 thousand hectares Plants, and reach Atlantic coastAnd forcedDischarge from their homes More than 5 thousand people. At the moment, the situation in France is very serious, with the Parisian authorities engaged on two fronts.

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An area of ​​about 4,200 hectares was turned into a smoke zone La Teste-de Buch, near the Arcachon Basin: The situation quickly deteriorated when the fire crossed departmental road 218 along the coast on Sunday evening. On social networks, photos and videos taken from the sea, showBig forehead of stakes, several tens of meters high, which engulf the beaches lake And SallyA few kilometers to the south Doon to Pilate. Since Monday morning, “La Navigation It is also prohibited in the western part of Lake Cazaux-Sanguinet,” explains the province. A in the second fire LandrasInland, 9,800 hectares were burnt.

The burning of La Teste-de-Buch forced the evacuation of more than a thousand people animals from Zoo of Bassin d’Arcachon: “Transport operations have begun,” said the director of the Association of Zoological Gardens of France. Cecil Ernie, quoted by France Press. On France’s Atlantic front, the heat gave no respite and a new record was broken on Monday. BrestA major port city Brittany, in the northwest of France, with 35.8 degrees. There are fifteen departments Red Alert ‘Canicule’ – French expression defining episodes of burning heat – and temperature records in different places. In Landes forestIn the south-west of Aquitaine, temperatures are higher instead 42 degreesAccording to meteorologist Oliver Proust.

The record heat is also affecting the transport sector. The Railways of Belgium (Sncb) announced the cancellation of 34 trains on Tuesday. In the railway sector, Sncb explained, heat waves can cause technical failures in both rolling stock and network infrastructure. In the tracks, the temperature can be up to twenty degrees higher than the ambient temperature, which may be the reason Metal expansion. But the measures implemented in the next few hours were different. Belgium’s national federation of butchers, butchers and restaurants has called on its members to remain closed for longer on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. Many restaurants that have announced they will stay open on Monday and Tuesday will change their menus. In particular, food is served without chips due to the heat generated by the deep fryers in the kitchen. Free government museums for those over 65 give seniors a chance It can be sheltered from the heat wave hitting the country. “The main purpose of our great museums is to develop a collection. But they are also institutions open to society and public service,” explained the Belgian administrator.

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Fires and heat waves destroying large areas of the planet show what humanity is facing. “Mass Suicide”The UN Secretary General has warned Antonio Gutierrez Taken from Guardian, governments around the world are struggling to protect people from the effects of extreme heat. Guterres said ministers from 40 countries had met for discussions Climate crisis: “Half of humanity is in danger because flooddrought, Severe storms and fire. No country is immune. Yet we continue to grow dependent on fossil fuels. And he added: We have a choice. Collective action or collective suicide. It is in our hands.

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