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( – As widely expected, the African anti-cyclone Apocalypse4800, after hitting Western Europe, expands eastwards: today, after leaving France and British Isles Amid exceptional records of heat and violent storms, this strikes as ironic Germany and Scandinavia. At 1500 m the 24 °C isotherm reaches these parts of Northern Europe, i.e. 35/40 °C in the plains: probably record values ​​here.

Hot weekend

Then, at the end of the week, the eastward expansion of the anticyclone will increase the heat in Italy as well: many will say, but isn’t the climate already warm enough in our country? Unfortunately it is true, it is already very warm, we are 7/8 degrees above average for the period, but in the course the freezing level will rise again from the current 4800 meters to 5000 meters inland, resulting in higher temperatures in the plains. rise up to 40/42 °C In the shade.

On the other hand, the name Apocalisse4800 describes the situation well, at an incredible altitude, 1000 meters above normal with freezing temperatures: the thermometer only goes below zero at an altitude of 4800 meters and the highest mountain in Europe, Mont Blanc, rises to 4809 meters, where the snow melts in all the Alps!

Lorenzo TediciThe meteorologist of the website confirms that, unfortunately, exceptional heat will hit the north in the next few hours, and it will reach the mid-south in the weekend without being clear.

Record heat wave

This apocalyptic situation may last until the end of the month. We are facing one of the worst heatwaves in history, both in terms of persistence and duration and geographical extent: from Portugal to France, Spain to Ireland, Scotland and England to Belgium, Germany and now Scandinavia!

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But are there places that are cooler? Below-average temperatures at this time are opposed only in a part of European Russia, Turkey and Greece: in the world, the summer is hot almost everywhere except in the Northern Hemisphere, China and Eastern America, for example, in New York. Recorded floods and temperatures below 25°C.

Red dot in 14 cities

According to the Health Ministry’s heat wave bulletin, Italy today has 9 Italian cities with a red dot: alert level 3, maximum value, affecting Bologna, Bolzano, Brescia, Florence, Genoa Latina, Perugia, Rieti and Rome. . But the heat wave will intensify over the next few days: tomorrow will be a red spot in Campobasso, Frosinone, Milan, Turin and Viterbo, for a total of 14 cities, including Trieste and Verona, rising to 16 on Friday. Orange sticker (warning 2) today in Campobasso, Frosinone, Milan, Turin, Trieste, Verona and Viterbo. Warning 2 tomorrow in Trieste and Verona, Friday in Pescara and Civitavecchia. Naples is the only city in green today, tomorrow and Friday.

40 degrees until August

Wednesday 20. In the North: Lots of sun and intense heat. Center: Prevailing sun, heat intensifies on the Tyrrhenian side. South: Sunny.

Thursday 21. In the North: Lots of sun and very hot. In the center: the sun and very intense heat. In the south: sun and heat, peaking in Puglia.

Friday 22. In the north: lots of sun and very intense heat, discomfort. In the center: sun and very intense heat, discomfort. In the south: sunny and very hot.

trend. Unfortunately, the African anticyclone can resist Italy with 40-42°C until the end of the month and 24-27°C during tropical nights.

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