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According to the popular law of impenetrable speech (every reduction of a peace professor is similar) Equivalent and opposite increase of alamist virologist) The stalemate of the war created an immediate renaissance of the epidemic emergency.

The return of KrishanthiThe most anticipated, hope is not disappointed that hope, and many of us, should be ready to wear it on their wrist mask at first glance: if the situation does not fall in October – the prince predicts darkness – why This will decrease in early July as vaccines will not be able to sustain variations. Just as we left on the day Putin invaded Ukraine to silence Ukraine, a chrysanthemum promises in its own way.

Rather I pray Came back with the footsteps of a genius. During these months of forced media fasting, he realized that it was necessary to resort to the allure of numbers, in order to attract the attention of audiences who were less and less confident in the power of words. So, when a A sheep day They asked him to define the latest variant, without the use of conventional peripherals (more cold, but less fever; more fever, but less than five-star split) and he added: Omigron 5 four times stronger influence.

Why not four and three or five? Or twelve times a mild fever? No one knows, maybe he doesn’t. But now that I have a small number to sustain my anxiety, I already feel better.

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