Russia imposes sanctions on Europe: Putin and Lavrov’s assets frozen

The set of sanctions against Russia, adopted by the full Russian invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, February 24, will target the Kremlin, in addition to the financial and banking sectors: President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. New restrictions are already on the table. Meanwhile, European finance ministers argued that EU strategy would have a significant impact on the Russian economy and therefore may be indirect in the actions of the Russian government.

“At this juncture, President Putin and Minister Lavrov are joining other EU-recognized leaders: Bashar al-Assad and Alexander Lukashenko – High Representative for Foreign Policy and Security Joseph Borel.” We want to isolate Russia from the international community, but not to weigh the population. Russia was also excluded from the Eurovision Festival and the organization of the Football Champions League final was withdrawn.

Set of obstacles

The second set is very different from the first set of restrictions adopted on Tuesday, February 22nd. In addition to affecting Russia’s two top executives and various individuals, it also affects the finance, oil sector (refining sector), transport sector (75% of aviation parts are from Europe and Canada) and growth. -Tech one (semiconductor export blocking).

The European Union (EU) wants to sever ties with Russia and the World Financial Organization (WTO), said French Economy Minister Bruno Le Myre. Speaking to reporters before a meeting of finance ministers in Paris, he added: “We want to isolate Russia financially (…) We want to drain the funds” Russian economy.

According to the twenty-seventh, the embargo, which was decided on February 24 and formally approved by the foreign ministers on the 25th, will affect 70% of the Russian financial sector. The government in Paris has announced that a census of Russian citizens who own property in France has already begun with the aim of freezing assets.

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