Russia-Ukraine war, direct – a Russian warship that struck Kiev: it is on fire. China: “Cooperation with Moscow on military technology”

G7 leaders meet Sunday with Zhelensky

The Leader of the G7 A video conference will be held on SundayUkraine With the participation of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky. Berlin announces

China: “Agreement with Russia on military technology”

There China Is committed to continuing the growth of Collaboration With Russia In the field Military technology: Chinese Ambassador to Moscow Zhang Hanhui, in an interview with TASS on the Diplomatic Mission’s website, noted that this commitment “respects the principle of mutual benefit” and “mutual benefit”. Zhang noted that China attaches great importance to enhancing cooperation in military technology between the two countries and taking it to a higher level and broader sector.

Russian ship attacked by Ukrainians: on fire

The Russian warship Petrol 11356R fired by the Ukrainian Neptune rocket burns near Snake Island in the Black Sea. This was confirmed by the People’s Deputy Oleksiy Honcharenko in a telegram quoted by the Ukrainian media. There would have been an explosion on the ship, followed by a fire. Russian planes fly over the Black Sea, and rescue ships arrive from the Crimea to assist the ship. “The Russians lost a ship,” according to updated data from Ukrainian civil servants.

Russia: “Moscow was involved in Ukraine”

“Cruiser Moscow did not take part in the special operation in Ukraine, was not included in the list of relevant military units and divisions and did not enter Ukrainian territorial waters”. It was written by the Moscow prosecutor’s office, which officially responded with a letter requesting accurate information about the fate of his son, sent by Dimitro Schrebets, the father of the forced soldier Yegor Schreibert, who was on the sinking flag in the Black Sea. The office noted that the sailor “suddenly went missing at sea and was reported missing by the military as searches failed.” The story was reported by Dmitry Schreibert on the main Russian social network VKontakte taken by the Ukrainian media and Nexta TV: “Is not Snake Island in Ukraine’s regional waters? What’s so disgusting about sending us this answer? ”. Earlier Dmytro Shkrebets wrote on social media that Ukraine should not be, praising the war, the bombings and Putin. But criticism of the Russian government has begun since the son’s death.

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Scholz: “Cannot return to current”

“Every day, every month, it becomes clear: Putin and his regime are making a radical change from the point of view of civilization. We thought that an irresponsible exodus from world society was possible only in the 21st century. This was stated by German Chancellor Olaf Scholes in a speech in Hamburg. “The world after this war and this attack will never change again. It doesn’t already exist “.

Medvedev: “Urban courage on the block”

Dmitry Medvedev, Vice President of the Russian Security Council, welcomed Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s opposition to the Russian oil embargo and sanctions against the Moscow Patriotic Grill and Russia. “Hungarian Prime Minister Arban has taken a bold step in a voiceless Europe. , He added.

Lavrov: “No intention to use nuclear weapons”

“Russia has no intention of using nuclear weapons in its special operation in Ukraine.” This was stated by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, citing the Russian agency DOS.

Moscow: “Negotiations stalled”

Peace talks between Russia and Ukraine have stalled. Alexei Zaitsev, deputy director of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Information, made the announcement at a conference on Friday, according to the Russian company DOS. “Russia-Ukraine talks are paralyzed,” he said.

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