Russia-Ukraine war, direct – China accuses: “NATO and US are responsible”. Moscow: Yes to the conversation, but Zhelensky acknowledges Donbass. 18 thousand people fled from Kiev. Mayor: “Food for the Week”

Chernobyl, expert: “Risk of radiation is not immediate”

TO Chernobyl “It is over 2,000 tons Fuel Sold in four tanks CoolingBut now they are enough ColdAnd should not be instantaneous at the time of a radiation leak. An international analyst on energy and nuclear policy explains this to ANSA, Mycle Schneider. Schneider responded to a question about the dangers of emitting radiation from the site, and more Fuel lines Exhausted stored in the old plant should be 22 years old. If the “electricity” used to circulate the water is totally interrupted, it may take several weeks. Evaporates Enough to expose the fuel to the air. Accurate estimates will require accurate data Heat load Current in each tank, ”Schneider continues. However, the Countdown may start quickly from the stock Diesel Available The consumption level of emergency diesel generators is not more than 48 hours, ”says the expert.

International Atomic Energy Agency: “Security in Xenophil is not at risk”

“No. Impact Important for safety “from power failure a Chernobyl. TheSirThe plant was completely shut down due to an alarm raised by KievRussian attack. The heat load and the amount of water in the fuel storage tank spent Cooling At the Chernobyl nuclear power plant “enough to effectively remove heat unnecessarily Power supply ElectricThe International Atomic Energy Agency said on Twitter.

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Ukrainian media: “Russians capture 400 civilians in Cerson”

Russia captures Four hundred Ukrainians In the southern Ukrainian city of Cherson. He reports’Kiev Freedom‘Citing the Ukrainian Armed Forces. “In an attempt Squash Ukrainian resistance, units Russian National Guard Entered the cerson and was illegally captured 400 Ukrainian citizens“Underline the Ukrainian Armed Forces.” Like Mariupol, Prevents humanitarian assistance and evacuation. Continue to i Bombing Impartial. Nearly 3,000 newborns are missing Drugs And food. I invite the world to act! Force Russia Stop his barbaric war against civilians and children!

Russian warplane crashes into a residential building in Kiev

A Russian aircraft Su-27 The shooter crashed into a residential building Osokorky, The historic district of Kiev, is irreparably damaged. The Center for Strategic Communications and Security said Information. The pilot was pulled from the wreckage of the plane, but lost his life.

Zhelensky: “We are trying to evacuate 18,000 people from Kiev”

President of Ukraine Volodimir ZhelenskyIn a new video message to the nation, released on its Telegram channel, efforts are underway to evacuate about 18,000 people from the capital. Kiev And nearby cities besieged by Russian forces. The leader warned Russian forces against breaking the promise Ceasefire.

Xenopil, Ukrainian Minister: “Backup generators are 48-hour capacity”

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Guleba Talked about what was going on ChernobylThe nuclear power plant is in the hands of the Russians and has not provided its data since yesterday Sir. The news that the plant’s power supply has been completely cut off today poses a series of dangers to the environment. Radioactive materials. Guleba called for “immediate intervention by the international community.” Generators The reserve power station has a capacity of 48 hours. In this case, the power outage at the Chernobyl power plant “will soon shut down the cooling systems of the nuclear fuel storage system, so the radiation will be released immediately,” Guleba said. TwitterHe called on the international community to urgently call on Russia to stop the fire and to allow the units to repair the single-phase power supply. Atomic Power Station.

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Mayor Kiev: “We have evidence for a week”

Kiev It will last “a week” only if Moscow’s forces surround it. Said Mayor Vitaly, the capital of Ukraine Klitschko In an interview Cnn, Noted that the city’s resources will only last for seven days. “We need jets now, help us,” the mayor said, referring to the possibility of sending the Polish mix to Ukraine. “Kiev is a goal E“, He added. Then the mayor of the capital spoke Conversation With E: “There are gods in every conversation and negotiation with the Russians Limitations But there is hope. We have always believed in diplomacy and want to find a solution. “We want freedom and unity,” he added, adding that “the situation in our city is currently under control and we are responsible for managing the available applications.” However, war is upon us: “Now we have war 10 km from the city center“Russian soldiers have been trying to get us to the neighborhood – he explained – and they have been running around the city for two weeks trying to put pressure on civilians and want to get closer to the city center.”

The European Union is pushing for new sanctions on 100 Russian-named people

“I want to announce it Member States They are now working on a set of sanctions that involve about a hundred people at different levels of government and government. Naming Russian, And I hope they will be approved by the end of this full session ”. This was stated by the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Policy Joseph Borel Speaking at a meeting of the European Parliament.

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Ukrainian Minister Guleba: “I have no high expectations of meeting Lavrov”

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dimitro Guleba He said he had “low expectations” of meeting with Russian envoy Sergei Lavrov tomorrow. Turkey, On the edge of the Andalya Diplomatic Forum. “We are preparing for talks with Lavrov and we are working very hard to move them forward in the best possible way Efficient PossibilityGuleba was reported to have told a conference Rhea Novosti. “Frankly, my expectations from the negotiations are contained and I do not have big ones,” Guleba added. Beliefs“.

Poland: “Ukraine’s decision on jet planes with NATO”

There Results Delivery of the MiG-29 to Ukraine is on hand Atlantic Treaty And Americans. The Prime Minister of Poland said Mateusz Morawiecki After talks with the Austrian president in Vienna Carl Nehammer. The Polish Prime Minister underlined: “The decision on the provision of aircraft must be made in full. Was born“.

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