Russia-Ukraine war, direct-negotiations ended, Kiev neutrals in draft. Moscow: ‘Reduction of military operations in the capital, we are not against Ukraine’s entry into the EU’

Blinken: “Moscow is not serious about talks”

US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen He said there were no signs of “real seriousness” from Russia in the talks with Ukraine.
“Russia says one thing, it does another. We focus on the latter,” Blingen told a joint news conference with the Moroccan foreign minister. Nasser Purida.

Ireland expels 4 Russian ambassadors

Four Russian ambassadors were expelled from Ireland. This was announced by the Dublin Foreign Ministry.

Belgium expels 21 Russian ambassadors

The Belgium Decided to exit 21 Russian Ambassadors For their impact on spy operations that pose a threat to national security. The announcement was made by the Brussels Foreign Minister. Sophie WilmesQuoted Le Sawyer, Indicating that they must leave the country within two weeks. Diplomats are accredited at the Moscow Embassy in Brussels and at the Consulate General in Antwerp. The decision was taken in conjunction with the Netherlands, which expelled 17 Russian ambassadors.

Hollande expels 17 Russians for spying

The Netherlands deported 17 Russian citizens on charges of spying. The government announces.

Journalist arrested in Zaporizhia

“In the region Zaporizhia Those present arrested the journalist Irina Dapchenko. Picked up while in town Rosievka, The place where she stayed to take care of her elderly grandmother ”. Journalist Yakov Noskov condemned it on Facebook and said the colleague was “invited”. Donetsk “For Investigation Proceedings”. The arrest of the journalist also spoke in the telegram of the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Ukrainian Parliament Lyudmila Denisova, who explained that Dupchenko was “accused of covering up in support of the Ukrainian military.”

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Johnson & Johnson stopped distribution to Russia

Johnson & Johnson “It has stopped supplying its personal care products to Russia due to its growing purpose Humanitarian crisis“. He’s bringing it back Bloomberg Demonstrates that the company will continue to supply drugs and medical devices to Russia. In recent weeks, Johnson & Johnson has suspended advertising, medical trials and investments in Russia.

Kiev: “From countries that guarantee weapons and closed skies”

Guaranteed nations must provide us with military assistance, armed forces, weapons, closed skies: everything we need now and everything we can not get. This was stated by David Arakamiya, one of the Ukrainian negotiators after the talks in Istanbul. Ukrainska Pravda.

Kiev: Crimea status will be decided in 15 years

Ukraine proposes separate talks with Russia over Crimea’s status and Sevastopol port They must be completed within 15 years. This was stated by the Chief Negotiator of Ukraine Mikhail Bodoliac, Quoted by UNIAN. As for Donbass, Kiev proposes that its position be discussed at a direct meeting between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zhelensky. The port of Sevastopol, the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, was under Moscow’s control before annexing Crimea, thanks to a lease with Kiev.

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