Russia-Ukraine war, distrust on telegram channels close to Wagner group: “We need 600-800 thousand men or we will not win”

In the official announcements the work of the Russian military has been enhanced and the so-called achievements so far. “Special Military Operation”Between those in the domain on the side E Begins to spin Distrust Regarding the chances of victory in the war againstUkraine. An example is the news published by some members of the paramilitary forces on profile Telegraph The other side of the medalConsidered close to many private troops, including Wagner Group. One in particular was released Vladlan TotorskyNickname Maxim FominOne of the group’s executives, a celebrity in the pro – Russian paramilitary world, has already fought in the region. Donbass In support of the separatist republic of Donetsk: “If there is no mobilization we will lose the war. To defeat Ukraine 600-800 thousand people are needed“.

The number is different from the 190 thousand employed at the beginning of the invasion Vladimir Putin, Which should include a few thousand paramilitaries. Russia’s progress, albeit steady, has not accelerated Kremlin Before the invasion it was now clear, for both The opposition of the UkrainiansPerhaps underestimated by Russian strategists, who is great Weapons Arriving Kiev From the NATO-EU. But Russian companies continue to call on militants in other regions, especially in the east and south, to push more decisively to complete the process. ‘Denunciation’ Country.

However, a different approach from Tadarsky’s, which continues in his Telegram message: “Anyone who says that modern war does not need many is simply insane. Whatever the most accurate weapons, Only the infantry could advance“.

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