Russia-Ukraine war, live – Mariupol Meyer: ‘21,000 civilians killed ‘. Kiev: ‘700,000 deported to Russia ‘. Putin: ‘Pucha massacre? Only false news’

Pentagon: “Mariupol still controversial”

“It simply came to our notice then Like Mariupol This is still controversial and Ukrainian forces are fighting to protect it from the Russians. Spokesman for Pentagon, John Kirby, at a press conference on the progress of the war in Ukraine. “For Moscow’s troops, it is important to capture it so that they can attack Donbass, but Ukraine has not yet left the city. We will not leave it,” he reiterated. “Russia does not respect the lives of its citizens. Unfortunately, innocent Ukrainians are paying the price.” A Pentagon spokesman said. John KirbyAt a press conference.

Mayor Mariupol: “We work to register crimes”

“We will organize humanitarian sites for the support of refugees Like Mariupol Across the country, a ZaphoriziaIn DiniproIn western Ukraine – Mayor do Mariupol, Vadym explains Boychenko “We are working to document the crimes we have in the news, we are documenting the misdeeds of the Russians and their collaborators, and we will transfer them to the police.” Poychenko has repeatedly come out to talk about “Russian collaborators” or traitors: “War shows who is who, in fact the little ones are the big ones and the big ones are the little ones”

Caritas Mariupol: “Two of our collaborators were deported to Russia”

“The two of us Female workers Would have been Forcibly Brought up RussiaThe director said this Caritas Mariupol, Bro. Rostyslav SpryniukIn an interview TV 2000. The two women were at the headquarters of Caritas Ukraine in Mariupol, where seven people died under the Russian tank (two Caritas Ukrainian workers who took refuge there with their families). “They were forcibly taken to Russia – the director reiterates – Russian soldiers call it that”Voluntary evictionBut when the expulsion is under threat Machine guns It cannot be called ‘volunteering’. Two workers, explained the director of Caritas in Mariupol – whose interview TV 2000Expected tonight Tg2000Will be fully aired tomorrow’s April 13 at 3.15pm on the ‘Naam Naam’ show – “They were in the center of Corridas but in a different building. They were rescued because they were under the stairs. We can not publish.

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Steinmeier: ‘No normalcy with Russia under Putin’

“It simply came to our notice then Russia Under Putin. Russian war crimes in Ukraine are before the eyes of the world. ” Warsaw President of the German Republic Frank-Walter SteinmeierDuring a press conference with the President of Poland Andrzej Duda. “There must be an end to this barbarism, and it will only happen if President Putin orders his military to lay down arms,” ​​Steinmeier added. War crimes must be documented and clarified, “said Steinmeier, a Member of the Knesset for Kadima.

Since the beginning of the war 400 civilians have been killed in Severodonetsk

About 400 civilians buried Found in ChevrodonetskLukansk in the eastern Ukrainian region, in Donbass, From the beginning of the war. This was stated by the head of the regional military administration LuhanskSerhiy Haidai, quotedUkrainska PravdaHe said most of these bodies have been identified

Mayor Mariupol: “10 years to rebuild the city “

“It simply came to our notice then Like Mariupol Try the presence of light, heating, a bit of water. But to return to life as before, to return like Mario before the war It takes 7 to 10 yearsThis was stated by the mayor of Mariupol in an interview with a Ukrainian website Vadim Boychenko. The mayor of the besieged city said, “There are many difficulties in evacuating Mariupol: our ability to evacuate the city is constantly being tested, we are trying one way at a time, we will never stop, we are working on a new journey.”

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Deputy Mayor Mariupol: “Phosphorus bombs in the city”

Deputy Mayor of Mariupol, Sergei OrlovThe battalion’s complaint was confirmed Azov The Russian chemical attack on the city is said to have been carried out by phosphorus bombs. “We cannot provide further details on the nature of the bombs.” “But we have confirmed from the military that it happened,” he said OrlovQuoted UNIAN

“Most Destroyed After Borodianka Mariupol”

Porotianca And all his 22 villages They were completely destroyed by the war. Then Like Mariupol, Which is the most damaged city throughout Ukraine. This city will disappear if Europe does not help us with the reconstruction fund. ” like this Halina YerkoDaughter of Ukrainian MP and Mayor of Porodianka, Georgi NikolayevichTo the Ambassador of Ansa to Borodianka.

About 21,000 civilians were killed in Mariupol

Are approx 21 thousandAccording to the latest estimates, Civilians killed by Russians in Mariupol. Thus said the mayor வாடிம் போயிச்சென்கோ On television, according to reports from Defender

More than 870,000 Ukrainians returned to their homeland

More than 870,000 Ukrainians fled From their country due to the Russian invasion They returned to Ukraine. He brings it back Kiev Freedom Citing data from the Ukrainian Border Guard.

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