Russia-Ukraine war, live-WHO: 72 attacks on health. Moscow: ‘Controlling Donbass is the minimum goal’. Xi to Johnson: ‘Creating conditions for peace’

Councilor Zhelensky: “Russian artillery destroyed”

“No. 200 motorized artillery was completely destroyed 648 people, three survived“During the last 24 hours, the enemy has mostly used drones to spy, but some of them have been destroyed by the Ukrainian armed forces with some naval missiles,” said Arastovich. . The whole of Ukraine has to go to war for a variety of reasons, including the “high number of casualties.”

De Luca: “I work under the law that allows orphans to be adopted”

“We are working to make a proposal Parliament Nationally, allow a legislative change and reduce the deadline for our families to adopt orphaned Ukrainian children to four months. Thus, the Governor of Campania Fb Live, Vincenzo de Luca.

Kiev: “Attacks with less intensity than in recent days”

“There have been no major changes in the last 24 hours: tactical measures in favor of Ukraine are underway. The enemy has tried to attack the entire territory of the country with rockets and aerial missiles, but their intensity is less than in recent days.” As advised by the Office of the President of Ukraine, Oleksiy Arestovych, At a presentation on the progress of the fight. “Mariupol and Chernihiv are bravely resisting,” Arrestovich said, adding, “thanks in particular to the regional security of the city of Slavotich, which was able to resist any attempt to attack the city.”

Cnn: “President Duda plane makes emergency landing”

Flight carrying the President of Poland Andrzej Duda A. to meet Joe Biden Ressov, Made an emergency landing after returning to Warsaw. Reports Cnn.

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Moscow: “The main objectives of the first phase are over”

The Key Objectives From The first part Russian action in Ukraine ” CompletionRussia has warned that it will “immediately act” to eventually close its airspace over Ukraine, according to Interfax Agency.

Moscow: “No progress in negotiations”

“We have not really made progress on key political issues.” Russia’s chief negotiator said Vladimir Medinsky, According to reports from the Interfox Agency, about the talks between Russia and Ukraine. Positions instead become “closer” to secondary issues, he added

New anti-aircraft warning in Odessa

New anti-aircraft warning a Odessa. Sirens sounded at 3.40pm local time after some gunfire was fired by Ukrainian anti-aircraft guns in the previous hours. At this time, the main activities in Odessa are still active, people are on the street, and in the center, after lunch, a show of some artists against the war was organized.

Moscow: “6,600 foreigners are fighting in Kiev”

The Russian Defense Ministry said they had almost arrived there 6,600 fighters Came from 62 foreign countries In Ukraine, at the call of the Kiev authorities, to fight against the Russian invasion. The ministry quoted Doss as saying it was “mercenaries and terrorists.”

WHO: “72 confirmed attacks on health, 71 dead”

The number of verified attacks on health care in Ukraine has risen since February 24, the date of the Russian invasion. As of 72, 71 had died and 37 had been injured“This is the latest update from the World Health Organization (WHO), according to Twitter by the WHO office in the country fighting the conflict.

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