Russia-Ukraine war, “offensive operations” in Azovstal: “34 air strikes in one day. But we have a plan to save the soldiers”

Air strikes Again, more than one hour on the last day, along “Attack operations” From the ground. There Russia He has put the steel mill back on fire Azovstal From Like Mariupol, Hundreds of Ukrainian militants continue to oppose. And where, step KievThere are more 100 civilians Underground refugees. The siege of the steel plant, which had been surrounded by troops for several weeks from Moscow, resumed – the adviser explained to Mayor Mariupol after a convoy. UN Left the area Donetsk.

The Russians tried to detonate one Bridge Used ExhaustsHe added that the regiment – to prevent the last soldiers Azov And to a regiment Ukrainian Navy – Stayed inside. Moscow factions, a battalion with neo-Nazi elements, argue, “the Navy is using artillery,” Mlrs rocketsUr-77, tanks “. Troops say through their telegram channel that the Russian army has carried out attacks in the last 24 hours. 34 air strikes In the territory of the establishment, with 8 Strategic bombers.

A Critical situationAccording to Mariupol Meyer’s adviser, the presence worsened Pedro Andryushchenko, “At least 100 civilians” still in shelters: “This does not reduce the intensity of the invaders’ attacks,” he argued. But so far attempts to take the plant – where it still waves Flag Ukraine – “failed”. But time is running out and the Kiev army is doing a job Military program To save the militants, said the former commander of the Azov Brigade Maxim Jorin In an exclusive interview Channel 24 UNIAN reported.

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The strategy works in parallel with i Diplomatic channels Already open. Jor announced preparations for military action Leadership Ukrainian Armed Forces. However, he explained that it was necessary to complete it firstMilitary equipment And this Supply of weapons. “I do not know if there is so much time for the militants in the Azovstal area at the moment, so we are working in parallel to prepare both diplomats and the military to expel them,” he said. The plant is prohibited from “operating on multiple levels by grouping units”.

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