Russia-Ukraine war, small grill death in hospital without electricity: tragedy of civilian casualties in PA photos

Faces were erased with anxiety, sadness, pain: Two parents, Very young, they run into the entrance door of the hospital. Blood-stained bundle in father’s hands. In one orange overlay one rescuer escapes without slowing down, while another sees them as helpless. But the desperate rush Fedor And Marina Yatsko Not enough, especially in a hospital – like that Like Mariupol – It is without electricity, visits are made in the light of cell phones: for their son, Grill, 18-month-old baby, can do nothing. Its story ends with Russian bombing of a southeastern city occupied by troops. E. The story of Fedor, Marina and Grill is one of many iconic stories of tragedy. Civilian casualties Of the war Vladimir Putin In Ukraine – and all the wars. Hundreds of children have already died in the war that Russia unleashed ten days ago. Of these, for example, the story Polina10 years old, and his little brother Semyon5.

in this situation, Similar to the missile thing that caused the deaths of 8 civilians during the evacuation Irbin, Pictures of photojournalists turning Grill’s death into a symbol of civilian victim make a difference. Those inside Mariupol Hospital were taken away Evgeni Maloletka OfAssociated Press, One of the most authoritative news organizations in the world. The photos show not only the parents ‘arrival with the infant, but also the doctors’ desperate attempt to save his life, and the agony of the father and mother at the news that Grillin’s heart is not beating again. . Two parents, two boys, screaming their pain, sinking into each other’s arms. Hospital staff surround them without speaking, but they do not even have time to heal: the next emergency is coming soon. Has decided to publish all the pictures because they document better than any report what happened before the conflict. The only exception is the photos – which we do not publish here – in which the lifeless child (in vain) is seen on the stretcher during resurrection attempts.

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It hurts to see some pictures – Foreign Minister comment Luigi de Mayo – But returning is not the answer. This war must be stopped immediately. Stop the bombs, The most urgent thing now. These are wonderful days with the Ukrainian people. ” “Another family was destroyed – the minister continues – another man torn from life. Destruction and death added more destruction and death.

From hundreds of kilometers away Like Mariupol An 11-year-old boy has been rescued after a long journey of hope. In fact, he had to come alone Slovak border. Mom loaded him safely onto the train ZaphoriziaWas besieged by Russian forces, but had to be overcome Disabled grandmother. The boy was with him too Just a plastic bagA Passport And a phone number written in ink on the back of one hand. Slovak volunteers, refreshing him, called the number, and the child’s relatives came to pick him up. He is currently safe BratislavaBut away from his family.

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