Russian central bank: “Sanctions begin to hit the economy”

According to the Kremlin, “the Blitz of the West failed.” Appeal: “Accelerate the conversion of transactions from dollar to our currency”. Washington announces new pressure

Governor: Structural changes in the Russian economy

– According to the bank’s governor, the country will have to change its “business model” and face “structural changes in its economy in the second quarter and early third” following the sanctions imposed after the conflict.

Putin: EU living standards decline –

But Putin responded that the same sanctions were already causing a “decline in living standards” in European countries. He recommends that Russia “accelerate” the transition from the dollar to the “ruble and other national currencies” in international transactions.

“Accelerate towards ruble transactions”

– “Restrictions imposed by hostile countries against Russia – the Kremlin leader continues – have certainly affected the prospects of internal affairs. They have created barriers to complex export logistics and imports and transactions. Including accelerating the transformation of foreign trade.

USA: Ready with allies to increase economic pressure on Moscow

– Meanwhile, the United States and its allies announce their intention to increase economic pressure on Russia. The U.S. Treasury Department said this in view of the G20 summit of finance ministers and central bank governors scheduled to be held in Washington in the coming days, aside from the work of the International Monetary Fund.

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