Russian generals prepare for coup against Vladimir Putin’s tempo

“The FSB thinks Vladimir Putin should be removed because he has been lenient with Ukraine.” New rumors of a coup in Russia came from Robert Thornton, a professor of conflict and international defense at King’s College London. Russian military leaders are angry that he is handling the war in Ukraine in such a devastating way. He left Kiev. He now focuses only on Donbass. According to a spokesman, Putin – a security expert – has lost his sight and will only have three more years to live, and he’s using fakes and actors as duos in public. “

Thornton points out that the Russian military intelligence service, the GRU, may be in a better position to oust Putin and move quickly if it sees troops landing in eastern Ukraine: “They have the intelligence to do so. If you want to hold a plot in the palace, you try to keep it very secret and very quiet. To do this, we use the GRU, which has been giving us more power in recent weeks. A small group of senior officials may turn to Putin with a final warning, such as leaving office or being killed. Someone might go on TV and say: ‘Poor Putin had a heart attack, and because of his special military operation, we took responsibility for Mr and many others.

“The massive military losses in Ukraine have turned the hearts and minds of Russian officials against Putin. In the event of a coup, the Russian generals will secretly withdraw their best units from the front and march to Moscow.They are the best troops, they are the most reliable troops, so tell them what you have to do, they will obey. There will be a definite signal that something bad is going to happen. The poor person will be appointed. Among the names mentioned is General Valery Gerasimov, the leader of the Russian army, or the radical nationalist Alexander Portnikov, the head of the FSB.

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