Russian helicopter strikes and destroys, video of the operation – Libero Codyidino

War pictures. War scenes from Ukraine. A war played in technology as well. Restarting an impressive latest video Twitter account TpyxaA group of Ukrainian journalists show the effectiveness of US and NATO military support.

In the video, in fact, The Stagna-B system, Remotely operated missile defense system. The resistance hidden in the bush follows the aerial movements of the enemy, especially the helicopter. And once the screen is configured you see the bottom of the scope, lo and behold Stukna-P can open fire.

Tpyxa restarts the video and writes: ‚ÄúToday, another Thanks to the Russian Ka-52 Stukna-bik“And in the pictures, the Ukrainian soldier hits the target on the screen and then fires: the helicopter can not escape.

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