Russian missile deflects and strikes launch site: What happened

The pro-Russian missile fired at Donbass suddenly reversed its course and crashed into the launch pad. Here is what happened.

In one or two videos posted on social networking sites, we a Air missile from Russian soil This, after a sudden change in altitude, creates a real one Reverse And violently throws himself into the area where he was launched a few minutes ago. L ‘Explosion The result is multiplied by, very dramatic and spectacular Driving force There is still in the tanks, which in a large area ignited a cloud of fire and a rain of sparks. This incident, its pictures were first shared on the channel The face of war OfTelegram messaging applicationThe alleged incident took place in Ukraine on Friday night AlshevskAn important industrial settlement in Oblast Lugansk, Located about fifty kilometers from the capital of the region. The area is currently occupied Russian-backed separatists Also it is the nerve center of the fight; It is believed that they were the ones who fired the “suicide” missile, probably A.C. Plane Ukrainian air force pointed out by the sun, but exactly what happened? How is it possible for a missile to act like this and become a death trap for those who launch it?

Credit: Twitter

First, it is thought to have been fired from a missile Ballistic anti-battery Long distance S-300 Or S-400Armed systems that are a part of Russia’s anti-missile shield. Missiles are fired from large trucks equipped with missiles. The S-300s and S-400s (modern evolution of the former) were designed to shoot down aircraft, drones, ships and ballistic missiles. As indicated, pro-Russian troops may have attempted to shoot down the Ukrainian attack aircraft. In the video, some missiles can be seen launching into the sky, but one of them made a U-turn and crashed into the ground causing a powerful roar that struck the area where it started. There are two main assumptions in the table. First, the missile may be subject to some level Hacker attack Or malfunction in the communication / navigation system (technically Congestion), Would have made him “crazy” by sending it back to the sender. The operation may have been driven by a drone Electronic warfare The Ukrainian army is stationed in the area, although this is considered an unlikely event. After all, why would it work on only one missile? Some experts, As the sun points outInstead the missile may have been directly disturbed and diverted by the Russian anti-missile and anti-aircraft systems on board. DonbassViolent clashes of the conflict in Ukraine are currently underway.

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Of course, the simple one cannot be dismissed Disorder Hardware or software that “suggests” that the missile will return and not go after the intended target. After all, such incidents on the battlefield are not new. In 2018, like The Daily Mail reportedA similar incident took place in Saudi Arabia. The missile involved in that case was a Patriot U.S. product launched from defense system to intercept ballistic missiles fired by Yemeni Houthi guerrillas. Moreover, the missile struck a residential area in Riyadh. No information has been released at this time Victims It was caused by an explosion in Alzheimer’s, but is believed to have been caused by a large explosion and the missile hitting the launched area.

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