Russian oil, EU embargo reached

EU agreement on Russian oil embargo. The announcement of the agreement reached in Brussels comes from the President of the Council of Europe, Charles Michael. “An agreement was reached to ban Russian oil exports to the European Union. This immediately included 2/3 of oil imports from Russia, Cuts off funding for his war machine. “Maximum pressure on Russia to end war,” he wrote on Twitter.

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Michael announced that the “package of sanctions” approved in Brussels would include “other drastic measures: exclusion from Sberbank’s Swift organization, the largest Russian bank, three other Russian state broadcasters banned and those responsible for war crimes in Ukraine.” The European Commission writes in another tweet, “Ukraine will continue to work with the G7 to meet its immediate liquidity needs. Michael says the new sanctions against Russia, including the oil embargo, will be finalized by ambassadors of member states in Brussels on Wednesday.

“I welcome tonight the #EUCO agreement on oil sanctions against Russia, which will effectively reduce Russia’s oil imports to 90% in the EU by the end of this year,” the EU commission chairman wrote on Twitter. Ursula van der Leyen. “Very soon – Ursula van der Leyen and Charles Michael promised at the press conference – we will return to the Council to suspend all Russian oil.”

“Two-thirds of the oil in the EU is imported by sea, one-third by pipeline, or by Trushpa, which serves Hungary, Germany and Poland. Van der Leyen told a news conference in Brussels that 90% of Russian oil would be affected.

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“A tremendous amount of work awaits the restructuring of Ukraine. I think it is very important that we are well organized,” he said, referring to the EU Commission’s summit in Brussels. We need to be clear on this, to discuss the Commission’s proposal to create a platform where all international initiatives can be shared to be clear on the direction in which Ukraine’s restructuring should be taken, “moving away from investments that go hand in hand with reforms”.

Later, in a new tweet: “Tonight I am pleased that the leaders agreed in principle to the Sixth Sanctions package. This is an important step forward. We have also decided to work on a mechanism to provide Ukraine with a new exception package. Macro-financial assistance up to 9 billion.”

To the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, Joseph BorelThe Russian oil embargo, reached between EU leaders, is “a historic decision to shut down Putin’s war machine. Our unity is our strength”.

“EU agrees – German Chancellor tweets, Olaf Scholes – We agreed to more severe sanctions against Russia. Most oil imports from Moscow will be banned.

“Continued diplomatic efforts pay off – Polish PM urges Mateusz Morawiecki – Contrary to pessimistic statements, we have an agreement: Russian oil is subject to EU sanctions. Important message for the security of Poland and Europe. Support for a Sovereign Ukraine “.

Even the President of France, Emmanuel MacronIntervenes on Twitter: “Russia chooses to continue its war in Ukraine. Europeans, in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, tonight we are taking new sanctions. We have decided to end 90% of Russian oil imports by the end of 2022.”

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Prime Minister of Hungary, Victor Orban, Is pleased that landlocked countries have been granted a temporary exemption from the Russian oil embargo. “An agreement has been reached. Exempt Hungary from oil embargo!” Orban writes on Facebook.

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