Russian oligarchs now turn away from Putin: Billions in

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The losses of the ten winners of this Russian bourgeoisie since the beginning of the new sanctions are 77 billion euros, which is 3 times the value of our country’s budget law.

Even oligarchy cries. It was their tears as coup ideologies and conspiracy theories grew around the Kremlin. “I don’t know how to live anymore,” he complains
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Piotr Aven, A partner in Alpha Bank, is considered part of Vladimir Putin’s inner circle, which has reduced his personal assets to € 4.1 billion 786 million in the eight days since the war began. “My business was destroyed, not all I had built in thirty years.”

This cry of pain will not be heard by its leader. Putin sought to protect the Russian people from the effects of sanctions by raising pensions Moscow closed the exchange For weeks. But for Russia’s rich, who grew up in the shadow of his power, he certainly could not do much. Their fortunes are hidden in the coastal banks and not just around the world, Their properties are located in London, New York, ItalyIn the most exclusive hotels.


Everyone for himself, then. The effect of sanctions separates them from protecting the destiny of millionaires. This definitely contributes to the luck of their country. By 2020 they will be worth 35% of GDP, ranking first in the world in this index. Now there is a number summarizing all their pain. The losses of the ten winners of this Russian bourgeoisie since the start of the new sanctions are $ 85 billion, which is 77 77 billion at the current exchange rate, which is three times the value of our country’s budget law.

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To do the math in the pockets of this well-represented area of ​​36 “clean” entrepreneurs affected by Western countries, An investigation conducted by site, built on the ashes of MBKh newspaper, founded and funded by former dissident oligarch Mikhail Kodarkovsky. We are talking about those who have amassed immense wealth and will certainly not die in misery. But the losses they are experiencing cannot leave them indifferent, as evidenced by the eruption of Aven, one of the names researched in the independent online newspaper.

From February 24, the first day of the war, Alexei Mortashov, The head of Rosia Bank and the owner of Chevrolet, a giant in the mining and energy sector, lost 18 3.184 billion, not to mention his boat seized in Italy.
Roman Abramovich
, The most famous oligarchy in the world, has lost its Chelsea and another four billion euros for football reasons. Seems to be very affected Gennady Timchenko, A longtime friend of Putin’s, had a general passion for judo and his companies were responsible for the city’s international economic relations in the early 1990s, as they exported oil from a refinery near St. Petersburg with the approval of the current president. Since the beginning of this year, he has seen smoking between ten billion and 371 million euros, almost half of his personal assets, while the shares of his private methane exporter, Novatek, have quadrupled their initial value.

Distances from the Kremlin

Everything is conducted. The ruling class of the Russian economy, which has been hit in the wallet, is inevitably moving away from the Kremlin. The Michael Friedman, owner of Alpha Bank, is ashamed of the war (Minus 5 billion) and the king of aluminum Oleg Deribaska, The capital of its holding company UC Rusal has been reduced by 6 billion. Anatoly Subais, who handed over the largest public companies to the private sector in the late 90s, is a sign of their father’s escape. But to come to a real conflict, you need political power that oligarchy does not have and cannot buy. Not even with 77 billion euros.

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