Russians are now burning wheat fields in Ukraine: “the last threat” –

from Marta Serafini

Grains are stolen or destroyed. “The Earth’s food security is on fire,” says Foreign Minister Guleba

“This factory was bombed five days ago. But do you see this grain? It burns and still burns ». The smell of black smoke rising from the burning tin roofs mingled with the charred corn, as if a large cob had been roasted. This was another deposit the Russians attacked at this hour. Another mountain of grain was destroyed.

Major Volodya of the 63rd Mechanized Battalion was not fazed. But he has sad eyes. “I don’t understand what they want to achieve, but they are starving all Ukrainians”He explains as he organizes the radio frequencies. “This is the horror of the Holodomor that our grandparents told us about,” he adds, citing the 1932-33 famine blamed on Stalin. All around, a few kilometers from Snihurivka, on the front line between Mykolayiv and Kherson, are the ruins of a completely destroyed village. We can’t stay long, Russian drones are flying over our heads. “But see that sign? Ironically it says: “Don’t Burn the Wheat”“.

On the way to the second village, Volodya speeds up. “Don’t write the exact names of the places, otherwise you’re helping the Russians,” he advises. Shows fields along the way. It turned black. A bomb was also thrown. “They attack them with incendiary bombs as if they were military targets, so they burn for days and all the crops are lost.” A few kilometers away begins the part of the territory controlled by the Russians. Here Moscow’s soldiers plundered the harvested grain and moved it down waterways to take it to sea. Then, they try to send it for sale abroad. Syria, Egypt, North Africa. The goal is clear: to seize the agricultural products of the occupied territories and destroy everything that remains In the hands of the Ukrainians. “They want to threaten the world.”

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The Kiev soldiers advanced towards Kherson. “These villages were previously under the control of the Russians, we took them back, and in the last few days we have advanced 18 kilometers,” continues Volodya. slows down. It was still too late to talk about a counter-offensive, but things were not going so badly on the southern front. “Want to see something? I’ll show you a corpse … ». It was the body of a man in civilian clothes, completely charred, his face turned to the sky like a black skeleton. On his feet, sandals of melted black and white plastic still stuck to the skin. “Whose is it? We didn’t know, we found it out yesterday. Maybe the Russians tortured him, maybe he was a peasant, and they wanted to extract information. But now the police must investigate.

On the horizon, at least nine columns of smoke stand. It’s the Russian missiles that keep raining down. “Here we use Nlaw (new generation light anti-tank weapons), Javelin (small anti-tank weapons), Swedish AT4 (rocket launcher), Panzerfast (German rocket launcher) and Stinger (US surface-to-air missile), US radar. An / Tpq-36 type systems. We are making progress thanks to the weapons that came to us from the West,” explains Colonel Vadim Valentinovich Cherny. He talks about long-range artillery “effective and safe to destroy enemy equipment and personnel. But we have no way to protect the wheat fields,” he insists.

Further east, Russian bombing destroyed about 20 hectares of fields in Zaporizhia and the Dnipropetrovsk region. According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense “Ukrainian wheat is not on fire, but it is there World food security. A war within a war involving the whole of South Lanka. In the last few hours the Minister of External Affairs Dmytro Kuleba He invited the Turkish ambassador to ask him about the Russian ship Zibek Zola, which had been allowed to leave the Turkish port of Karasu despite demands to capture Kiev, and that the ship was carrying stolen grain.

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Wheat is also spoken in Bali. At the G20 Conference of Foreign Ministers
. “I return to our Russian colleagues: Ukraine is not your country. Ukrainian wheat is not your wheat. Why are you blocking the ports? You have to get the wheat out of Ukraine,” thunders the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken Addressed to the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and its representatives. Accusations and words fly in the air, black smoke continues to rise to the sky in Snihurivka.

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