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From Francesco Pattistini

Tensions are rising between Ukraine and Russia. The front goes near the plant that was destroyed in 1986, which Kiev Garrison wants to do: “It’s okay if the region is polluted, and so is Ukraine. There are a thousand reasons why the Russians should not set foot in it again.

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Ivankiv (Chernobyl)
– In the forest of snow-covered birch and alder trees, there is no protection anywhere. To protect anyone, near broken houses. To protect the most untouchable homeland: Untouchable, yes, because it is better not to touch it. Under the inscription “Chernobyl Tours.Ua பிறகு, after Ivankiv roundabout on P02 Road, between a yellow-blue egg-shaped monument and a yellow-black sign with a nuclear impulse, two Ukrainian soldiers blow steam and park cars. The finger is on the trigger. Also, we will not go. Since December, the road has been closed. Belarus is there. And about ten kilometers ago, the Nuclear Reactor. A siege of 75,000 soldiers patrolling 1,100 kilometers of the border, 145 square kilometers of exclusion zone. The world especially wants to forget the post-nuclear Pompeii, but no Ukrainian can ignore it. “It does not matter whether it is a desert or a polluted area,” the defense minister said: “This is also Ukraine.

Dying for Chernobyl? Still? Thirty-five years later, thyroid tumors and displaced people, lower infants and bipolar spines, radio deer and two-headed wild boar, acres of red forest and millions more have been affected by nuclear leprosy. This is our first global environmental emergency. And an explosion 500 times more powerful than Hiroshima … why die? We lived a little until this. With the arrival of a safe distance from the famous 4-Lenin reactor. April 26, 1986 Tristanshuvalo Museum and Victims Memorial in the suburbs of Kiev. With the Chernobyl tour attracting 100 thousand horror tourists every year, wearing special screens, measured by a geezer, was excited to enter. Places of ascent. It’s all over. The call for arms against the Russian invasion, if ever, affects every corner of the country. this too: “Putin’s aggression could be as catastrophic as Chernobyl – warns Ukrainian ambassador to London Vadim Bristolko -. We are the second country after France to have nuclear power plants: if anything, I would like to remember Chernobyl. And about the fact that we will fight to the death ….

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Very meaningless in wars. Chernobyl means “black grass”: today only a handful of lunatics enter the restricted area, they lurk at night inside prebiot homes a few kilometers away from the nuclear reactor, stealing polluted souvenirs, radioactive metals and selling them online. . Will not be on the black grass for the next three thousand years. In 2016, paid for by Americans and 45 countries, the concrete sarcophagus was reinforced. From a billion dollars that has been slowly rusting for decades: it must last at least another century and prevent the remnants of a radioactive center – the liquid lava that burns at a thousand degrees and can kill anyone exposed to more than five minutes – to break the air or submerge in water. Chernobyl was an inevitable symbol of the Soviet catastrophe: Covered by plants and wonderfully populated by animals, the Ukrainians have called for UNESCO to be declared a World Heritage Site.

Not only for its environmental rebirth: the destroyed power plant perennial finger in Moscow. No one in the Kremlin – except the Chinese, who suffered from Govt disease – was responsible for the audits imposed at the time. Not even Gorbachev, Who was secretary of PCUS. In 2009, Politburo’s secret documents were released in the United States: an impressive amount of cover-ups and adjustments to reality.

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