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Kiev must face the measures of the south and east, the main role of artillery, the characteristics of the territory and the Russians have always considered it a specialty: they use it extensively.

The pictures speak for themselves. Showing M777 rifles on cargo flights from the United States, Six pieces at a time, and then videos with the Ukrainian soldiers who received them. Unofficial sources claim that approximately 90% of the promised 90% have already been delivered with 90,000 bulletsThe Task Force Gator, consisting of 160 Florida National Guard members, continued training, they were evacuated from the Yavoriv base near Lviv immediately before the invasion, and then bombed by the Russians, and who – revealed. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby in recent days – They have resumed their training with their Ukrainian counterparts: A total of 23,000 Ukrainians have been trained in Yavori, General Joseph Hilbert, commander of the 7th Army Training Command based in Grofenwer, Bavaria, said yesterday.

Time is running out. Kiev faces operations In the south and east, the main playing fields of artilleryBecause of the characteristics of the territory and the Russians have always considered it a specialty: they actually use it extensively to plow levels of resistance. They want to destroy well-built trenches, but they also want to break the morale. The cannon actually allows it to attack from a distance, slowing down or destroying enemy forces while allowing infantry and armored vehicles to advance. So the Russians are relentless in firingAs they themselves say in the official bulletins: Russian security says 400 sites were attacked on Tuesday alone.

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From her, Moscow has experience, numbers, power: Artillery has been the heart of the Russian military since the days of the Empire.Economist. During the previous clash at Donbass, his players were able to act within 4 minutes of the moment the target was identified. That operation was indeed successful Thanks for an extensive arsenal. One of his Soviet-designed Smerch multiple launchers will reach 70 kilometers in room, with a T-30 piece at 22, so heavy vehicle towing motors (thiulpan) will reach 9 to 20 kilometers, while real self-propelled armored vehicles will reach 30 kilometers. The batteries shape a section, which men help with drones and intelligence, and then start hammering. They can continue for days as long as there are sufficient reserves, but there is a high-level logistics network: A 155mm bomb weighs 50 kilograms.

Ukrainians rely on outside help insteadSophisticated means arriving from NATO to counter enemy fire: spearheads or stingers, if small arms were initially dispatched The Allies then switched to heavier weapons. Now Kiev is asking – as always – to intensify exports and send a multi-rocket missile system Himmers, operation range between 200 and 300 kilometers, A destructive weapon against concentrations of troops and vehicles: being mobile, it shoots and moves quickly, avoiding enemy fire. On February 7, 2018, it was used by a US base in Syria against militants of the Assad regime: they are said to have been among them. Wagner’s mercenariesBut the existence of the Russians has not been confirmed.

Zhelensky also calls for anti-ship Harpoon missiles This – said US Senator Jason Crowe, will return from Kiev – will be the basis To protect food exports and consequently the Ukrainian economy. The port of Odessa is actually protected by mines that prevent the export of wheat and sunflower oil: once reliable protection systems against amphibious attacks are obtained, the Russians can clean it up.

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Except for the United States. Different countries have offered different approaches. The other M777s (about 40 km in circumference) came from Canada, sent by the French Caesars (46 km by truck), and then from the NATO states (P2000), Polish Ghostics, Czech 152 mm Dana, i. Grod – the modern version of Caducia – always pulled by Poland, 122mm Estonian. One of the officers explained Washington Post From Prefer self-propelled guns such as the Palladium for 20 to 30 km. Because they guarantee greater security for employees.

However, the need for detection radars for security guards is very high Find out where the fire rain is coming from. Different help packs include different help packs. The drone-comics will be important then, Switch blades shipped from USA: Defenders can use them to hit vehicles, supply trucks, camps. Donations also include Gps or laser-guided cartridges, which increase accuracy: Reserve availability rule also applies to respondents.

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