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There are more and more cases of withdrawal from the Russian army: the fighters in Ukraine are tired of the war and not ready

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There is evidence in many cases Abandonment Among Russian troops in Ukraine. Exhausted by the exhausted war, the army refuses to obey orders and begins to revolt against the generals. There are many officials who ignore the Kremlin’s plans from within and create the conditions for failure. Some begin by providing valuable information to the enemy or by wearing uniforms with Ukrainian colors.

Because there are new cases of mutiny among Russian soldiers

Monastic cases are common in front Difficulties in the domain, The uncertain outcome of the war, the lack of ideological connection for the cause of the failed operations and the soldiers. Confidence in the Russian teams will be on the ground, and many will begin to cooperate. But there is another reason behind the lack of commitment of the Moscow military.

According to local sources, despite Vladimir Putin’s reforms to increase military spending, the salaries of soldiers will remain the same over time. Professionals with three-year contracts are paid approximately 900 Euro Per month. On the other hand, those employed in the compulsory military service receive only one shopping voucher. 20 Euro Per month.

It is often enough that the armed Unprepared For war, there is still talk of a “special military operation” in Russia and not about war. Vladimir Putin is ill, according to Russian sources, Has recently called for a further 134,000 non-professional veterans between the ages of 18 and 27 to make up for the many losses and omissions. The Ukrainian media speaks minimally 15 thousand The Russians who fell in the war.

Officials condemn Russia after being fired

At least 12 officers National Guard of the Russian FederationEstablished by the Russian President in 2016, the fight against terrorism and organized crime and border protection Shot On March 1 for refusing to transfer from Crimea to other parts of Ukraine. Decided to appeal further.

Their lawyer Michael BenjashInterviewed by Dissatisfaction Magazine MedusaHe explained that since martial law was not in force and there was no official conflict, the terms of the agreement could not be changed without the consent of the parties concerned.

Problems for Putin, fugitives sprout: many soldiers have resignedPhoto source: ANSA

Russian military vehicles on the border with Ukraine before the start of the war.

In the Crimea the authorities were fired: this is what they won on appeal

In fact, the law does not provide for anything. “Special military action“It’s mandatory, and the Kremlin has never officially spoken out about the war, nor used the legal tools to declare a conflict against Ukraine: The Russians think they are sending themselves forward for an exercise. Rosgvardia authorities, given the circumstances, can only send before but only volunteered.

Their lawyer explained that he had received at least 200 requests from the top echelons of the Russian military. And he is not alone. Many colleagues speak through mass waste Telegraph And other media not affected by Russian censorship. For a scene reminiscent of riots Strength Soviet In or in Afghanistan Botemkin warship During the Russian Revolution, cinema was immortalized by history.

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Photo source: ANSA

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