Shanghai, after Beijing: Mass testing to assess extreme locking

Mass checks on 25 million people must be completed today in Shanghai to verify what will happen next month, i.e. whether the total lockdown implemented by the local municipality since last March 28 will be confirmed.

As the number of new cases has increased over the weekend, the pressure to control the epidemic is not enough to stop the development of new epidemics.

Moreover, the Omicron BA variant is spreading to Beijing: last Sunday the Chinese capital, Chaoyang district, recorded 11 cases, and announced the immediate start of three cycles in anticipation of the possibility of a new eruption. Millions of people in that area. A large area, a city within a city.

It is hoped that the capital will be saved from the brutal isolation of Shanghai by two, with entire condominium groups surrounded, from the difficulty of providing the basic needs of the people from food to medicine, drinking water and zero mobility. It is not even possible to work in the gardens around the city, while vegetables rot in the fields, while supply is hampered by the darkness of the harbor, making it the world’s foremost for traffic congestion.

Shanghai, Govt prisoners

Shanghai, Govt prisoners

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In fact, panic scenes also occur in Beijing, with queues in stores and collective hysterical scenes during the test. The same script that has already been seen in Shanghai for the past three weeks, because authorities have tightened controls by warning that drastic measures will continue until Kovit-19 is completely eliminated, “neighbors”.

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