Signal from Great Britain: Descendants of Omigran

Good news will come from United Kingdom, Including London: Infections from Omicron have dropped for the fifth day in a row after 200,000 cases were registered on Tuesday, January 4th.

The descent begins

According to the London Health Bulletin, January 9 saw 141,472 new cases, 5,000 less than the previous day. The best number is in terms of deaths, down from 313 to 97 the previous day. In short, the two clues that begin to form the first evidence of how the Omigran variant is highly contagious, but less dangerous than the others and with the wave that can come to an end. According to media reports, a positive drop of 18.5% in one week, the most comforting number since November.

Hospital admissions are declining

Hospitalization in the capital has also declined: reported Republic, The number of hospital admissions in London is declining, making it one of the most vox-free cities in the UK. It had risen 60% in the previous week until mid-December, a reversal of the long-awaited trend from the end of 2021. In other parts of the UK, however, omigran is increasingly being hospitalized due to attacks elsewhere, especially as many doctors outside the court are in isolation and some hospitals are in short supply. Vaccines, as far as we know, help save thousands of lives, thanks to the booster dose above all else, said Health Minister Sajid Javed. “With the third dose of the vaccine, the chance of going to the hospital is 90% lower than with Delta.“.

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“Schools will remain open”

Education Minister Nadim Jahawi said the UK would look like this.Foremost among the most industrialized countries that have shown the world how to move from epidemic to local“The most discussed schools are open.”There is no doubt that antigen tests are free for everyone“Speaking of boosters, a recent study suggests that a third dose may be as effective as 90% against those admitted to hospital over the age of 65 after three months. 61.7% of those vaccinated with the booster are already in the UK.

Danger to the weak

However, as mentioned, they are not all roses and flowers because the elderly are at a lot of risk with Omicron: in London (although less vaccination in big cities), it finds more hospitalizations and deaths among the 60s and 80s: from 20-30 cases to 150 per 100 thousand and 200 cases based on age. That’s why, even though the epidemic seems slow in big English numbers, for now, it’s good to control easy excitement. Ours Matteo Pacetti, Virologist at San Martino de Genoa, “D.Vaccines and Infections 98% of the population has antibodies, herd immunity will soon be achieved“Here’s the famous light at the end of the tunnel: we’ll know more in a few weeks.

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