Simulation in the bill: what happens after the order – statistics

The Draghi government has now approved a new 6 6 billion move to reduce prices BillsIn the first half of this year, families and businesses will still have to deal with a terrible increase of .8 33.8 billion.


This is the rating of Sigia of Maestro: In fact, the increase in electricity and gas tariffs equates to 44.8 billion euros, of which 11 billion must be eliminated, which are the overall mitigation measures approved by the government for 2022. Thus, at 33.8 billion, the increase for households in the first quarter was 7.7% and for companies 14.7%, but with the easing we come to a net increase of 3.9% and 13% respectively. Unfortunately, these increases will increase in the second half of the year: in the second quarter, Cgia estimates that households will spend 5.1% more and businesses 11.9% more. Finally, in the third quarter, the increase for households will reach 8.9%, while businesses will register + 24.9%. In short, from the first assessment, the measurement set aside last night mitigated the increases, but did not avoid hitting the wallet.

“We need to be more serious.”

Although the Draghi government provided 11 11 billion in the first half of this year to cool homes and businesses from rising energy prices, the increase in the price of bills is significant, and arrears remain. In a scary way High“Write to technical experts in the field of research. For example, other European countries, such as Spain and France, have only offered short-term increases, while Poland, Portugal, Greece and Estonia have offered discounts or total zero fees, entirely at government expense.

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Then there is always the energy problem: Italy is highly dependent on foreigners, it needs to be increased “Italy continues on the path of investment in gas production and renewable resources“, Added Mestre’s artisans. We took action yesterday and at Giornale. This is not enough for families and businesses, as evidenced by the numbers now being examined.

“Open Nort Stream 2”

One of the solutions, according to Mistre CGIA, could be the opening of “Nort Stream 2”, a new pipeline that would allow Russian gas to cross into Ukraine and reach Europe via the Baltic Sea. “A decision that would have immediate positive economic consequences and ease the tension of the war wind blowing between Moscow and Kiev.“, Experts conclude.

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