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In trials considered as suicide cases: Four of the victims were executives of Cosprom or subsidiaries. One of them was a businessman who collapsed due to sanctions

Six Russian oligarchs have died under suspicious circumstances in the past three months. They are considered suicidal, or murder-suicide cases when their family members are also involved in the investigation. But the assassination of princes and the super-rich during the war in Ukraine raises more than one question, as new Western sanctions threaten their assets and allegiance to Vladimir Putin. (Ten of them would have lost the equivalent of $ 85 billion in a few weeks).

As reconstructed by CNN, Four of the six deaths were related to personalities associated with Cosprom – one of its subsidiaries – an energy corporation that has hitherto been in the hands of Putin’s trusted men. Three of them are said to have killed their families before taking their own lives. That is the latest case Sergei Protocenya, former head of Novotech, Was found lifeless in Spain with his wife and daughter in what has been described as a murder-suicide. My father would never do that, he loved my mother and my sister, they were all killed by the faith of their son Fedor.

Near Leningrad: Schulman and Dulov were hanged in the bathroom

To trigger these tidal waves of suspicious deaths, the case of a senior Gasprom executive was found lifeless. Leninsky village near Leningrad: about it Leonid Schulman, Head of Cosprom Invest Transportation.

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His body was found The January 30 In the bathroom of the cottage where he lived, there was a suicide note that allegedly caused leg pain as a result of an accident during the New Year holidays. Fortune revealed it Schulman was on trial for the Cosprom fraud.

A month later, another senior Gosprom executive was found dead In the same village: Alexander Dyulakov He was found hanging in the garage of his house that day February 25. Next to the corpse, a note indicating that the man had committed suicide was reported by the independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, directed by Nobel laureate Muradov, which later calmed down.

Tiulakov was the Deputy Director General of the Treasury Department of Gasprom. The 61-year-old worked for a Russian energy company for about a decade.

UK, February 28: Michael Watford, a Russian of Ukrainian descent

Michael Watford, a Russian billionaire of Ukrainian descent, was found dead in the garage of his mansion in rural Surrey. February 28 Last. He died of unexplained circumstances, according to local British police.

Watford was an oil and gas tycoon who became a billionaire after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Born in then-Soviet Ukraine in 1955, he emigrated to the United Kingdom in the early 2000s, where he decided to change his family name: from Tolstoy to Watford.

Nizhny Novgorod, March 23: Vasily Melnikov

In March, another Russian businessman, Vasily Melnikov, 43, was found dead with his family at his home in Nizhny Novgorod.

A 43-year-old man, his 41-year-old wife and their two children, aged 4 and 10, have been stabbed to death, the Commissar newspaper reported after the Russian investigation team spoke publicly. March 23 Same. City in the Volga. Russian investigators have found knives but no signs of unauthorized entry into the apartment: they are considering various versions of what happened, the family head killing children and wife, following the death.

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News 84 Media, Metstom, the president’s company that imports medical equipment to Russia, He was on the verge of collapse After the imposition of Western sanctions on the occupation of Ukraine.

Moscow, April 18: Vladislav Avaev with his wife and daughter

Earlier this month, two more Russian businessmen were killed in apparent killings and suicides. According to the Russian state news agency DOS, Vladislav AvaevFormer Vice President of Cosprombank, Died April 18 with his wife and daughter in a Moscow apartment. Citing a law enforcement source, Doss said authorities were investigating Avaevs’ deaths as murder-suicide.

Yulia Ivanova, a spokeswoman for the Moscow Investigation Team, was quoted by Dass as saying that a relative had found Avayevs’ bodies after the family’s driver and nanny could not be reached by phone or enter the apartment. The door closed from the inside.
Igor Volobuev, former vice president of Gazprombank, Who recently left Russia for Ukraine, told CNN that he did not believe Avaev had committed suicide. His job was to handle private banking, i.e. VIP customers. He was responsible for a large sum. So, did he commit suicide? I do not believe. I think he knows something and it represents some kind of danger, Volobuev told CNN.

Barcelona, ​​April 19: Sergei Protocenya with his wife and daughter

The next day, April 19, he lay dead in the north of Barcelona Sergei Protocenya

Former executive of gas company Novatek, It is partly owned by Cosprom. In his home Loret de Mar. The bodies of his wife and daughter were also found. The bodies of the two Women show signs of violenceWhen the luxury family home was discovered The body of Protozoa was found in the garden External, according to the source. Russian authorities consider the case to be a case of domestic violence, which first led to a double murder and then to suicide.

But the son of Protocenia questioned the version of events
, Instead claiming that his father was killed. He loved my mom and especially Maria, my sister. She is his princess. He can do nothing to harm them. “I do not know what happened that night, but I know my father did not hurt him,” Fedor Protocenya, who was in France at the time of the accident, told the Daily Mail. He told CNN that Catalan police had collected his son’s confession, but had dismissed other allegations, including three murders.

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