So NATO looked at the Russian units in Ukraine and found it –

NATO is playing a decisive role in Ukraine’s resistance to Russia, with giant fishing nets from the Baltic to the Black Sea.

A gigantic fishing net, from the Baltic to the Black Sea: those who cast it Western surveillance aircraft, Including Swedish. A device that existed before the invasion of Ukraine, but has now become enormous. These sophisticated methods are followed by the Russians involved in the war operations, Guards of the Sky: They try to understand in advance what moves, directions, command and even orders given by the authorities. Invaders defend themselves and act with congestion, i.e., they try to disrupt the process. Military communications must then be encrypted, However, encrypted conversation between players often occurredWithout proper protection.

Wide array. Remote-powered aircraft – such as the Global Hawk drones in Ciconella – were then fitted with electronic spy, radar sensors, and intercepts of various frequencies. The depth of the tool is significant: AVAX, one of NATO’s flying radars, can see the helicopter at a distance of 400 kilometers, so it operates within the borders of Ukraine, outside the national airspace, within the legal framework.

Combining all this information together You will get a picture of the situationBecause with these systems phone calls are heard and localized, as well Radio communications were taken and the unit was identifiedAl explains Courier General Vincenzo Camborini, former Commander-in-Chief of the Italian Defense Forces.

Then compares with data in the Alliance’s giant libraries: Each frequency corresponds to one field, so it is listed. The amount of signals can be confusing and nothing will come out of it, because when you have a high risk of overdose. Today it offers the benefits of information technology: There are softwares that absorb information, process it, and then provide a tactical scenario of what happens and what can happen.

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Let me give you an example, F-35 fighter aircraft, Says General Camborini. I remember the conversation I had with the Commander-in-Chief of the Israeli Air Force when they received their first four F-35 units. “Forget everything you did as a pilot in the past,” he told me. “I give the engine, lift the plane off the ground and pull the trolley The whole tactical situation in the Middle East before me is very detailedBut I just want to make sure that I do not get confused by this information. ”

This is done on a jet plane: So it is easy to imagine the performance of the ground-based equipment that NATO has. We can say that we know what is happening in Ukraine today, in detail, the public continues. Of course this refers to it Knowledge emerges with wisdom, To avoid the fact that the enemy may also benefit from it: it is said only that there is no danger to the activities of the Ukrainians. The whole of this aerial operation was then integrated A basic component represented by satellites.

In recent days, it is often speculated that the Coalition will support some of the actions of the Kiev forces: From the attack on Moscow For possible effort Remove Russian Commander-in-Chief General Valeriz GerasimoIn Izyum, Maybe follow his electronic tracks. These are obvious assumptions because none of us have direct information, Camborini explains. The arrival of the senior officer may have been anticipated by contact with his aide. That call has gone as far as the West.

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Once the moves of the target are known, Camborini explains that if I had a precision attack system – the weapons available in the Western field, unlike Russian weapons, could accurately target high-value targets. In Izyum the Ukrainians would have ordered the killing of another general: The information, however, is not immediate and it often needs to be analyzed before reporting.

According to American negligence, in some cases 30-60 minutes difference In the passage of feet: then delays are inevitable, which will help the enemy. Just like the Gerasimov thing: General, according to available information, escaped from enemy firing.

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