So the hackers attacked Russia

Someone thinks of Nero’s reincarnation and imagines him in the order of the anonymous. Recurrent fire accidents Russia It finds no explanation and it is legal not to exclude the hand of computer pirates in triggering certain incidents. If the hypothesis seems bizarre, it may be worthwhile to address the question by taking a note from two basic concepts: how fire can explode and what can be done. Hacker.

If you think about remotely controlled plants overheating, you understand that you are now giving a credible answer to the “how” and “what” focus.
In an era where there is a lot of talk about the benefits of home automation and the remote control of certain functions that once required human intervention, it is not surprising that there can be no contradiction in dealing with so many “benefits”. , Trivially, vulnerabilities.

Fire in Moscow, laboratory of military technologies (third case in three days). Hypothesis: Induced by hackers

The Equipment Heat generators (from boilers to air conditioning systems) – thanks to the appropriate connected or recirculation devices – can be reached if they can interface with the Internet and speak the same language commonly used by computers, tablets and smartphones. The possibility of maneuvering through the network is not the absolute privilege of those who are qualified to do so: if effective security measures are not taken, the attacker may engage in a conversation with those machines and, after gaining control, force their operation. Even outside of normal work fees.

Whole buildings have long been the target of cyber hazards, but fierce digital pirates have turned their attention to industrial settlements. The size or importance of the prey is proportional to the impact the raid may have on public opinion.

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Some time ago, “building automation” activists imagined an urban war that could be unleashed using some of the weaknesses found in technological solutions. Deacon Automatica, A Russian company specializing in equipment and computer programs for intelligent systems installed in buildings, business districts and manufacturing facilities. Someone started talking about a hundred particularly fragile and insecure Tekon “controllers”. The simplicity of boarding was determined by the gruesome practical errors in installing these devices. There is no such thing as science fiction: it requires no imagination or any attempt at imagination. As is often the case (even in our area) access credentials (i.e. account and password) for those systems are set by the manufacturer. These codes (for example the classic “admin”) are not confidential, but are available in documents available online in pdf format and, therefore, accessible to all. No technician cares to change the identity and related keyword of an authorized user: anyone with bad intentions can operate without hassle without the need for special skills or experience.

Just as overheating and flammable engines are unnecessarily “suppressive”, fire extinguishing systems are also easy to attack and can be prevented and isolated.
Collaboration between various high-tech gangster organizations has allowed for quick identification of potential goals and associated vulnerabilities. The sharing of available information and its constant updating are the basis for the coordination of efforts. This is also war. It has always been, perhaps, today it turns out that it can go anywhere without moving a meter from home. Some episodes make the Russians discover that their cities are also occupied land. We also need to think without waiting for something to happen.

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