“So you are a target”. Russian warning to Western countries

Convoys carry Foreign weapons A “for all purposes and purposes in Ukraine”Proper goal“For the Kremlin’s forces Russia It draws its red line and issues a clear warning to the West through the mouth of Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Rybkov.

Warning from Moscow

Russia has warned the United States of the consequences of a weapons transfer to Ukraine. Ukraine will have convoy of foreign weapons delivered thoughtlessly Proper goals To the Russian Armed Forces“Rybkov said, adding that”Can lead to irresponsible exchange of anti-aircraft and anti-tank systems Serious consequences“These words lead to explosive situations, because the vast majority of the West has chosen to provide maximum support to the Ukrainian military. By support we mean not only food, clothing and other basic necessities, but also military equipment and, indeed, weapons.

Kiev’s foreign weapons

If we make a list of foreign weapons that Kiev received, we will face a substantial list. Before deciding to attack Vladimir PutinHe insisted Republic, Ukraine received 2,000 missiles between US Javelins and British NLAWs. Both are capable of striking at a distance of about 3-4 meters and are fitted with a system capable of automatically guiding towards targets.

Ukrainian troops can also rely on classic RPG rocket launchers. Denmark has provided less than 3,000. Norway and Sweden – traditionally neutral in all respects – are listed at 2,000 M72 and 5,000 Pansarskott, respectively, while Germany is at 1,000. Kiev received almost 3 thousand stingers, some of which came fromItaly, And SA14 from Eastern European countries. The infamous jet fins are in danger, frozen here, Volodimir Zhelensky demanded aloud. On the other hand, about 20,000 volunteers have freely chosen to join the Kiev Foreign Brigade.

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Russia’s target

If Ukraine is holding itself back against Russia, a large part of the reason is precise Weapons Listed above. Thanks to Western support, Kiev was actually able to prevent Russian forces from inflicting significant damage on some occasions. It is therefore logical that Moscow wants to prevent the continued flow of aid from the West and North into the besieged country.

But how does sending these items to the center of the war work? Apparently foreign governments decide to provide material assistance (in some cases military) to Ukraine; However, the physical transport of exports is managed Was born. That is, in some way, sort everything received in the Ukrainian territory.

Spotlight enabled Poland, More precisely at the foot of the Rzeszow, not far from the Ukrainian border. In fact, planes from various states are flocking here, ready to deliver the equipment needed to deliver to Kiev. Well, are Ukrainian aides using convoys on the ground or in air to make small changes: any route to Russia to bring foreign weapons to Ukraine is now being considered. “Proper goal“To its armed forces.

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