April 13, 2016 Property

Stonehaven Care Group, New Aquisition, The Lilacs, Exeter

The Lilacs 29 bed residential care home at Old Tiverton Road in Exeter has recently been acquired by Stonehaven Care Group, who already run eight care homes throughout Devon and Cornwall. The previous owners, who ran The Lilacs successfully for many years, have decided to retire.


Stephen Stone (Chair & M.D. of Stonehaven Care Group) said, “The Lilacs caught our eye because we like homes of this size from the point of view that they readily achieve a homely ambience for everyone to enjoy and yet have an own community that is large enough to offer everyone the joy of having many characters with lots of experiences and interests to share… a sort of ´life´s rich tapestry.” Stephen added, “We look for care homes to be places where the aged with frailties are able to be professionally assisted and protected and yet in a relaxed, friendly and respectful way so that every individual enjoys the life, whether they are a resident or a carer giving support.”


There is always opportunity for improvements in any goods or services and Stonehaven have already started along that journey at The Lilacs by increasing lighting in all rooms, which matters greatly to the elderly – who need twice as much light as when in their prime, to be able to see as well. Attention has been paid to improving the décor as dementia sufferers and the poor sighted find good tonal contrast is very important for spatial awareness.


Hazel, the manager at The Lilacs, said, “Already I have seen my role benefitting and developing. For instance, the introduction of Stonehaven´s computer based CareSys care management and recording system and their own cost-base fee calculating software both take any guesswork out of my job and so make it even more satisfying work.  Of course, in the real world, care homes must be viable and offer best security as one of the foremost parts of the service and that is sure to be one of the many benefits for The Lilacs, and its residents and employees, having joined Stonehaven Care Group.”


Stonehaven Care Group´s vision statement is ´Care for the best of your Life ‘and its stated mission is ´To Care the Most´. “After all,” says Stephen, “Our quality check is the satisfaction of our residents and all other stakeholders.”


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