Strike paralyzes Ecuador after arrest of local leader: Economic crisis and heavy debt to China in the background

Rome – The “arbitrary and illegal” arrest was defined as the arrest of Leonidas Isa Salazar, head of a key organization representing Ecuador’s indigenous people. Cone. The deputy chief said the man had been detained for 24 hours by security forces in the province of Kodobakshi. Connie, Zenita Yasakama. He was released following mass protests, but faces charges of up to three years in prison. A contrast participant is accused of contributing to the disruption of public transport services during a national mobilization. The “Borough National”, The national strike, had called Cone Ask for some economic reforms: reduction in diesel prices, stabilization of prices of agricultural commodities, ban on mining and oil extraction projects.

Reasons for resistance. Opposition from indigenous peoples – supported by many Humanitarian systems – However, they continue the most complex issues on the agenda of Guillermo Lasso’s government, all of which come together at one point: the country’s deepening economic crisis has forced today to reconsider the huge debt contracted with China. For this reason, to increase oil extraction, it is necessary to lift the national economy slightly. In a country where 70 percent of places are recognized as native, one of the reasons behind the tribal protests is, in fact, a theme of cutting.

A detonator for tensions linked to poverty and inequality. Tensions have been high in Ecuador since June 13 following the arrest of President Leonidas Isa Salasar. His arrest served as a detonator for intolerance among tribal organizations that had long been brewing against President Laszlo’s neoliberal policies. On the one hand, the severe economic crisis associated with the epidemic and, on the other hand, the president appears to be having more difficulty managing public prices, basic needs and the consequences that have so far been due to economic policy. The tensions caused by the deep social inequalities rooted in the Latin American country could not be dissipated. For these and other reasons, many fear that the situation of October 2019 may recur when the struggle of the tribes completely paralyzes the entire nation for several days.

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Words of the mighty Episcopal Conference. So, today we live in an environment Ecuadorian Episcopal Conference He expresses himself thus, showing a (perhaps) temporary equilibrium: “As citizens and brothers of each of you, we are deeply concerned about the social, economic and political situation in the country. We are not new to the cries of our people who ask for good days for all, but we also know that this is the path we must build together. We look at the present moment with great interest – we read the note issued by the powerful organization – that no matter where the violence comes from, we can never accept it in any form. We are not convinced that this is the path we must follow if we want to create a better Ecuador. We will think above all the welfare of the poor and the common good in our country and seek adequate solutions through dialogue.

Arrest him. Violence erupted against police cars and private property, which justified the arrest of some activists, including Salazar. “Intellectual principals and perpetrators of violence have begun to be arrested, and now it is up to justice to take its course. No one is outside the law, ”said Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso. Numerous roadblocks and fires have been reported in at least 16 provinces in recent days.

Answer. In response to the arrest of Iza Salazar, the vice president of Conaie called for “intensifying the struggle at the national level to defend our proposals and our president.” Points of mobilization promoted by Cone They include measures against price rises and calls for respect for civil rights. The protest was also called because several closed door meetings with the government organized last year had no effect, according to Aborigines.

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