SWCA 2022: 20 Highlights From The Lucasfilm Studio Show

Here the fun begins. star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2022 I started the day in unforgettable style with the Lucasfilm Studio Gallery, featuring a look into the future of a galaxy far, far away and more – including the upcoming willow An original series and new details about the next adventure of a certain archaeologist wearing a fedora. Yvette Nicole Brown hosted the commission event Obi-Wan KenobiAnd AndorAnd willowAnd mandalorian, AhsokaIt is a new series written by John Watts and Chris Ford and the fifth Indiana Jones Movie. first opening star Wars Celebrating since 2019, the show has had more significance. “We may have been separated, but we could feel your presence,” said Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm. “You’ll see some amazing things.” And we did! Here are 20 highlights.

1. Celebrating the masses – and the future. Yvette Nicole Brown greeted thousands who gathered at the party stage before playing a touching video star Wars Stars and creators of different generations. They talked about the power of epic, Celebration, and why they’re excited about its return. “These stories have been passed down like family history,” Harrison Ford said in the video. There are many more stories to come.

2. “Duel of Fate” direct. After the video, Pacific Chorale surprised the audience with a powerful performance of “Duel of the Fates,” the first episode of the timeless classic. There’s a reason it remains one of the most loved pieces in star Wars Music, but hearing it live was a completely different experience. And it really was the perfect choice to introduce the first event guests…

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3. Hayden Christensen & Ewan McGregor – Together Again, Finally. Husband, soon to meet Obi-Wan Kenobi, which began airing May 27 on Disney+, was met with a standing ovation. “You’re welcome,” McGregor said to the cheers, welcoming fans in the only way really possible. “We’re back,” Christensen added emphatically. Over a long time. But the wait is almost over.

4. Obi-Wan Kenobi Show director Deborah Chow found the series’ limited time slot to tell stories. With the show set between the previous and original trilogy, it deals with the fallout from Order 66 and the era in which the Empire hunts Jedi survivors. “It’s a very dark period of time for the Jedi, but that’s also what made it really fun,” Zhao told Brown and the audience. “It was a very nice honor to tell a new story with these characters at this point in their lives.”

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5. McGregor admitted that his decision to return to star Wars And Obi-Wan Kenobi had a great relationship with the fans. “It was really special to be back playing with Deborah, with our illustrious team,” he said. “In the past five or six years or so, we’ve started to feel all your love for the competitions we’ve made. The truth is, that means a huge amount to us.” From a story perspective, MacGregor also saw an opportunity. “It was fun to move the character to a different place. To a darker, more shattered place.”

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Christensen, who played Anakain Skywalker in the pre-shows, also expressed his happiness to be back star Wars and Darth Vader. “Pick up the lightsaber again, there is nothing like it,” he said. “It was really unbelievable, so thank you.”

6. Musa Ingram was thrilled to make it star Wars For the first time in celebration. The actor who plays Inquisitor Reva Obi-Wan KenobiShe indicated her appreciation for both the role and her largest presence in the world star Wars Fan event. “That’s crazy.” “But not that crazy,” she said gleefully. “I’m really glad to be here with you.”

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7. For Rubert Friend, who portrays The Grand Inquisitor, there was one specific challenge in the role. “It’s so hard not to do a job [lightsaber] The noise said.

8. A star Wars The surprise of the celebration that will remain in the minds for a long time. While nothing new from the series was shown, MacGregor did offer something to make up for it: an early showing of the series’ first two episodes. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Tonight, on the platform of celebration for all present. No mind tricks were needed to impress the fans, who responded with thunderous applause, Padmé might say.

Andor teaser poster

9. The story of Cassian Andor is still in its infancy. Creator Tony Gilroy confirmed that the upcoming Disney + Original series that follows Cassian in a story that takes place five years ago Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, just started. There are twelve initial episodes on the way, which will move the story a year forward. The cast and crew will meet again in November, though, to film another 12 episodes. “The 12 second will take us over the next four years, and the last scene will take you to it con manGilroy said.

10. Kennedy and Diego Luna thought about why Cassian Andor’s character would resonate with so many. Kennedy said, pointing to the shocking climax of rogue one.

Luna later added, “I know what he stands for.” “This is people’s story. It’s a story that has more to do with us. It’s about what we can do, it’s about the strength we have.”

Luna said he likes the character, but there’s another reason he’s excited about him Andor. “Beauty of this show, I know there is no way to kill me.”

11. Although story details are kept to a minimum, Luna evokes Cassian’s journey in the series. “You won’t recognize Cassian at first. He’s a very selfish man,” he said. “You’ll see a man waiting for that awakening to happen.”

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12. Genevieve O’Reilly is grateful for the opportunity to return as Moon Mothma. The actor first played the role of senator-turned-founder of the insurgency in 2005 Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. However, she returned to the part after 11 years rogue oneand will play the beloved character again in Andor. “It’s a gift to be back in this role,” she said. “I feel very lucky.”

13. “We did not come with empty hands.” Luna revealed a new teaser poster and teaser trailer for Andorbringing us closer than ever to the series – which will debut August 31, 2022 on Disney+.

14 willow The teaser trailer is here. Legendary Ron Howard, director of the original willowand the new willow Showrunner Jonathan Kasdan took the stage to discuss the upcoming Disney+ show. Kasdan and Howard collaborated on Solo: A Star Wars StoryThey will exchange ideas about possible willow sequel while on set; Howard was particularly excited about the possibility of a series. “I will, but only if we can get Willow back,” Kasdan said. Well, Warwick Davis is back as the fan-favorite magician, and apparently he didn’t need much convincing.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do,” Davis said after joining them on stage. “It’s actually a dream.”

Joanne Whalley is also returning (“I’ve got the Sorcia sword in my hand again”) and several new characters will also join the adventure, which takes place 20 years after the original film. You can take a first look at willow In the exciting new trailer above.

15. Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni brought some Ahsoka And The Mandalorian Surprises – which will premiere and return in 2023, respectively. Taking the stage together, Favreau first took a moment to thank Kathleen Kennedy for her support on all of their series. “Best producer in the world, we wouldn’t have done it without Kathy,” he said.

asked how AhsokaFiloni was delighted, and it’s currently in production. “In my opinion, everything is going well,” he said. “We are so lucky that Rosario Dawson is having this. She is just everything I wish she could be.” While Dawson was unable to attend star Wars Celebrating, Favreau and Filoni played a video message from the actor in full Ahsoka costume, from the set.

“I am so excited to shoot Ahsoka Here for all of you, to be released next year.” “So maybe next time.”

scene from

16. Bo Catan will return. Actress Katee Sackhoff has appeared to cheer, spark excitement ahead The Mandalorian. “I might have some unfinished business,” she said.

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17. The Mandalorian A sneak peek for season three. Played only for the room, a look at Season 3 has featured Mando, Grogu, Bo-Katan, Greef Karga, and much more. “I am going to Mandalore so that my transgressions will be forgiven,” Dean Garen said in the preview, hinting at where the story might take us.

Favreau left fans with news that they will be seeing costumes and props from The Mandalorian In a special exhibition in star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2022. “This is a great thank you from all of us to all of you,” he said.

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew Logo and Jude Law

18. Star Wars: Skeleton Crew open. John Watts and Chris Ford have passed on some details about their recently announced series, confirming that it will star Jude Law and debut in 2023. Star Wars: Skeleton CrewThe series will center around a group of children who are lost in space, and will be set in Ahsoka/The Mandalorian time frame. “It’s the story of their journey as they try to find their way home,” Watts said. But he also conveyed an important aspect of the series. “It’s a star for four kids, but it’s not a kids show.”

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19. Celebrating John Williams’ 90th birthday. Kathleen Kennedy praised the legendary composer with a warm reflection on his work, noting that he had just reached a milestone. “His contributions to our films, to our experiences of storytelling are something that words cannot adequately describe,” she said before introducing Williams himself. Williams, in a surprise appearance, led the Pacific Symphony Orchestra in the first live performance of his exciting new theme of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Indiana Jones movie

20. Indiana Jones rides again on June 30, 2023. “I know this is it star Wars a celebration. This little piece is not star WarsSaid Williams, before leading the orchestra in the classic Indiana Jones Trait. With that coming fifth exit Indiana Jones The film, James Mangold, producer Frank Marshall, and Harrison Ford – who received perhaps the biggest applause of the day – took the stage.

Although the details of the story were not discussed, Ford provided an update for Indy’s next adventure. “We have almost completed the next Indiana Jones Film featuring the music of John Williams. “I am really proud of the movie we made. So I will see you all over the campus.”

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