Sweden excludes Russia-Ukraine war from entering NATO: “This will further destabilize this part of Europe”

Sweden does not want to join NATO. The reason? The danger of destabilizing Europe with the possible repercussions of Russia. “If Sweden decides to present at this time Request to NATOThis part of Europe will be further destabilized, ”the Social Democrat prime minister told a news conference. Magdalena AndersonAfter the meeting with the main Swedish political forces.

Anderson intervened after the Russian invasion of Ukraine Sweden And Finland In NATO. But Stockholm does not want to change policy for now. Also, along with the Finnish government, Anderson said, he sent one Brussels A joint document reminding member states that they are “committed to providing support and assistance” in the event of an armed attack. All available means“Conditionally” General safety rule Included in the Lisbon Treaty “.

Anderson did not rule out the possibility of sending war materials to Ukraine, although for now Sweden wants to focus. Fight cyber attacks And computer theft. Russian invasion Of Ukraine For the first time since the birth of the Atlantic Alliance, public opinion in the two neutral countries is of great concern in registering a majority, albeit slightly higher. 50%In support of NATO membership.

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