July 11, 2019 Technology

Technology in Care: giving staff more time

Lilian Faithful homes may have been providing exceptional care for over 70 years, but that doesn’t mean they are not at the forefront of new technology or research.
Technology in care is not about having less staff, it’s about better care, and vitally important and above all else spending more quality time with residents and improving health.
Pictured here is Lilian Faithful resident Brian with a new cup, it automatically reminds him (with a familiar voice, his Key Carer) to drink regularly and the base lights-up so staff know at a glance if he hasn’t had enough fluid. Monitoring  his fluid intake for a week showed it had increased by 50% improving his health and general well-being!
At Lilian Faithfull we always put the resident at the heart of everything we do.


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