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The conflict prompted Zelensky to fire the Ukrainian ambassador to Berlin. Meanwhile, Germany is ready to break some barriers.

For more than a month, Germany is blocking a €9 billion aid package that represents the main form of EU support for Ukraine.. The deadlock, confirmed by various protagonists in Kiev and Brussels, may have been one of the reasons that fueled Volodymyr yesterday. Zelensky to suddenly and brutally remove Andriy Melnyk, the Ukrainian ambassador to Berlin.

There is another reason behind the Ukrainian president’s nervousness this hour: suspicion The Berlin government is actually preparing to break some of the sanctions against Moscow To restore gas supply Russian By Nord Stream Pipelines.

Both issues have plagued the Ukrainian government and relations with Brussels for several days and have yet to be resolved. German opposition to the aid package appears unrelated to the gas crisis, so it does not reflect Berlin’s attempt to engage Moscow as much as Kremlin maneuvers to cut off energy supplies to Europe. Yet Berlin’s restrictions on lending to Ukraine remain strong.

The 9 billion aid idea, born in the spring by the Commission, was confirmed by all the leaders of the European Union at the end of May. The program offers loans in Kyiv that are repayable after 25 years and are effectively interest-free, thanks to funds raised by the Commission itself by issuing loans guaranteed by European countries on the market. But Germany, the biggest and staunchest of the guarantors of that form of Eurobond, is opposed: after giving approval to top leaders, not now..

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Berlin’s finance minister, the liberal Christian Lindner, did not want Brussels to resort to a common European debt in the Ukrainian crisis after doing so during the pandemic. For now, the German manager has given his approval only for the first tranche of one billion, the proceeds of which must be paid to Kiev by July. Over time, Kiev says it needs $5 billion a month in aid The hypothesis appears that Ukraine defaulted on 900 million euro of foreign debt maturities in September.

More complex, if possible, later Question about gas Destined for Germany. Russian monopoly Gazprom has announced a first 60% cut in supplies to Nord Stream, and then an official 90% cut from July 11 to 21.Only one technical reason is apparently given: the gas pipeline in the Russian region is operating at a lower rate because the Siemens turbine has disappeared, has already been sent for repair in Germany and has not returned because it is subject to sanctions.

So, according to Moscow, Germany is running out of gas as it uses European measures against Russia. After all Blocking technological and industrial spare parts is considered the most effective weapon in the hands of Europe to weaken Russia and its regime.. Meanwhile, in Canada, Siemens sent Gazprom’s turbine for repairs, which held it back in the application of sanctions.

The breakthrough that infuriated Zelensky came two days ago: Economy Minister Robert Habeck, the leader of the Green Party, demanded the return of the turbine from Canada to Germany and gave clear indications of wanting to send it back to Russia. . If Canada has a legal problem, please send the turbine to us, not Russia. We are forced to listen with a heavy heart – said Habek -. We need Nord Stream’s capabilities to fill gas reserves.

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YesAnd it doesn’t set the stage for sanctions-busting, as Berlin seeks to capitulate to Moscow’s threat to power, which then resembles us..

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