The autistic boy was found three years after disappearing 1300 kilometers from his home. Parents: “It’s a Miracle” –

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The story of Oswalt Connerjack, who went missing at the age of 16, near a supermarket in the state of Utah, about 1,300 kilometers from Clearlake, California, is now 19 years old.

Now the parents are crying for a miracle. Oswald Connerjack, Now 19, was found in the state of Utah, about 1,300 kilometers from where he went missing in Clear Lake, California. A few days before his disappearance, on September 28, 2019, the then 16-year-old was diagnosed with a disease. Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Oswald was spotted by police officers sleeping outside a store in Summit County, Utah. He was shivering and cold. He lived on the street for about two weeks. But his family coveted him, distributed flyers and started appealing on social media. Everything is useless. For a very long three years. “I did not stop looking for him. There was not a day that I did not look for him,” said mother Susan Flint.

After police found Oswald At the Utah Convenience Store, they got in a patrol car and asked if they wanted to warm up. He agreed, eventually allowing agents to take his fingerprints. But they quickly realized that the eyes of that young man with that fear and cold were hiding a mystery. So they went to work sifting through thousands of reports of missing children in the United States. Further excavations revealed the disappearance of a 16-year-old boy in 2019 in Clear Lake, California. They then compared the photos attached to the old statement and recognized the unusual similarity. They immediately called the family.

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As soon as they get the call
Flints feared that agents would like to report that their son had been found but was dead. But it is certain that the son who went missing three years ago Stepmother Gerald Flint He immediately got in his car and drove to Utah for four hours. He thanked the agents for a long time. “Everyone was in tears and went about their work. They may have ignored that guy, but they did a lot of research, which made a difference. “We were looking for him all over California,” Mom Susan Flint told her CBS -. He is safe, he is alive, and we are grateful he can come back to us. The stepmother added: “Honestly, I still am Stunned by the situation. For the past two and a half years we have had many misconceptions. Speaking about the moment of the meeting with the family, Sheriff Justin Martinez said: “There were no dry eyes in the room, we all moved.”

Oswald was approached by agents several weeks ago, Residents of the area where he was found repeatedly called the sheriff and saw a homeless man pushing a shopping card. The unusual detail is that there are less homeless people in the area and it is much colder because of the high altitude, police say. Several citizens contacted the boy several times and offered to help him seek asylum, “but he was never aggressive in any way, always refused and refused to give his name.” The rest is up to Oswald himself to tell slowly, revealing where and how he lived during these three years. Currently the family is experiencing an unexpected miracle.

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