The Christmas of the “two popes” speaks the same language

Relativity and consumerism go hand in hand: Joseph Ratzinger He said it on several occasions, arguing that the second was how the first had a direct effect.

Pope Emeritus has not spoken in public for the past few days. However, given the former ruler’s credibility with his view of the world, Benedict XVI’s reflection on the intrusion of the meaning of the Christmas holiday can be considered current. The reason for the former bishop of Rome, can be seen in the spread Consumers, Said an effect. It was 2005 and the Bavarian “mild theologian” was still at the top Catholic Church. A few weeks before Christmas, Benedict XVI rallied against “commercial pollution.” Covit-19 has not yet appeared and the world has had less trouble getting involved in the holiday frenzy.

Today the issues look different: the epidemic was able to undermine the Christmas tradition. This year, between canceled grips and various restrictions, we do not have full access. For example, consider the absence of pilgrims Israel, Only those who live there have the right to go to the symbolic places of Christianity. These will be crucial days for one of the religions that gave life to the West and its significance. However, that was the historic moment.

What Ratzinger said Christmas However it is carved in stone. Every year, as this period approaches, analyzes and counter-analyzes appear on the intellectual and theological traditions of Pope Emeritus. Among those who have jumped on the news these days, an emphasis can be given Published article Gives 24 hours in the sun: This is an in-depth study of one of the many “prophecies” distributed when Benedict XVI was appointed professor of theology. Thus, in the midst of the need to know that “commodification” is now the absolute protagonist of human existence and belongs to the contemporary, a young clergyman compares “consumption civilization” to danger. Manipulation. These are words that do not stop being pronounced by the Catholic Church, though in different ways.

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After all, what does this mean? Pope Francisco, When he shouts “To preserve harmony in the family, one must fight against self-dictatorship“?. The relative individualism of consumerism goes through relativism: Ratzinger has often been clear about this as well.Instead of asking ourselves, it is dangerous when we blame ourselves for mistakes; When we adjust ourselves to our own needs, instead of caring for others; Instead of talking, when we are isolated by a mobile phone, it is bad to see everyone at the table with their mobile phones, talking on their mobile phone …“.

The former pope questioned cultural events and their decline, the theologian Bergoglio addresses the world with less clichd words, but not without philosophical weight: for Pergoglio, Ratzinger’s consumer is a symbol, i.e. Cell phone. But if the “language” is different, the message of the holidays is the same: a call to fight the existence marked by uniqueness.

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