The company is withdrawing financial statements held by Trump – the latest hour

(ANSA) – Washington, Feb. 14 – New developments in the civil investigation into the Trump organization in New York: the accounting firm Mazars announced that it had severed ties with the former president and explained that the reports prepared could not be defended. From 2011 to 2020, effectively invites them to withdraw.

In his opinion, they are no longer credible in light of the results of the investigation, their own investigations and information obtained from “internal and external sources”. The New York Times writes it.

In a letter to the Trump administration, Attorney General Letidia James, the prosecution, revealed Masars’ decision. The financial statements used by Donald Trump to obtain loans are the focus of two investigations, one civil and the other criminal, to determine whether the Chancellor has increased the value of his assets in order to defraud the banks. (Handle).

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