The CW renews seven scripted series including ‘The Flash’ and ‘Kung Fu’ – Deadline

CW She delivered early renewals for a large portion of her written schedule including Sparkle.

The network has also been renewed All American, Flash, Kung Fu, drawing nancyAnd the RiverdaleSuperman and Louis And the Walker.

Traditionally, the Young Deviation Network offers early revamps, sometimes as early as January, for the majority of the roster—a boon to owners CBS and Warner Bros.

Cancellation/Renewal Point Card: TV Shows Expired or Continuing in the 2021-22 Season

However, this year, the future of the broadcaster is in the air with Circular Nexstar Local Affiliate Groupand Deadline understands that the new majority owner will likely have a say in some of its renewal decisions. The network also needs to consider elements such as broadcast rights for shows and other variables that will determine the capture process.

Renew the main chain Sparkle For season 9 – making it the longest-running Arrowverse series on the network, it takes over the mantle of ArrowWhich ended after eight seasons – was paved earlier this year with the news of that star Grant Justin was in talks about a new deal. No word from The CW yet on whether or not Season 9 will be SparkleSwan song.

Some of the other renovations were more than others. All Americans He was expected to return for the fifth season, and Superman and Louis And the Walker It was good for their third season.

Riverdale He was also expected to return for his seventh season, but similarly there is no word on whether this will be his last season.

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kung fu sport Just launched its second season in advance this month But now it’s back to a third.

drawing nancy, However, it was thought that he would be a little more on the bubble and would return for a fourth season. This comes as a substring Tom Swift It also does not run on the network.

2022 Commands CW Pilots & Series

There are two other tranches of shows for which the network still has to make renewal decisions — and those decisions are expected to come within the next month or before the initial offerings in May.

4400launched in October, Naomiwhich premiered in January, and All Americans: Homecomingwhich started last month, is everyone’s hope for second seasons.

There are also question marks about the future legends of tomorrowIt is in its seventh season. Dynastywhich is in the fifth; Charm And the legacies, which is in its fourth season; And the batumanAnd he’s three.

star girl season three and in the dark Season 4 hasn’t aired for the first time yet Roswell, new Mexico It was selected for the fourth season prior to its third season.

Programmed renewals follow Bunch of unregistered renewals Including Ben and Teller: You’re fooling us And the masters of illusionboth returning for the ninth season, and world’s cutest animals, Which is heading into the third season.

“As we prepare for the 2022-23 season, this scripted series, along with the alternate series we’ve previously revamped, will be the start of a solid foundation that uses some of the most watched series for us to build upon,” said Mark Bedowitz, CW Chairman and CEO. For the next year and beyond. These dramas are also important to our overall digital strategy, as they are among the most socially streamed and engaged, and we look forward to adding more new and returning series to help strengthen and scale our multiple platforms.”

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