The eviction order is ready to be executed

The Russians reportedly fired fire or phosphorus bombs at the Azovstal steel plant: on May 15, 2022, according to Ukrainian media reports, Mariupol condemned the adviser to Mayor Pedro Andriyushchenko. – Military civilian owned by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Is this a turning point for the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol? The question is necessary as beliefs have been turned on and off many times in recent days. The Moscow Defense Ministry announced that it had agreed to a ceasefire during the fighting to allow Ukrainian soldiers to leave the structure, which was wounded and trapped in the basement.; The injured will be taken to a health center in the Donetsk People’s Republic via a humanitarian corridor.

Earlier in the day, Ukrainian President Zhelensky announced that talks were underway to evacuate people from the city of Tiyagi, including Ukrainian militants who had besieged a steel plant.

In a video message, The Commander of the Azov Battalion Denise Prokopenko The military said They decided to “execute the eviction order of the Supreme Command.” After 82 days of resistance, he rejected the “great forces of the enemy” and now “to save lives, the garrison is implementing the decision approved by the Supreme Command, expecting the support of the Ukrainian people”. “There are absolutely no safe measures or plans during a war – he stressed – and it is important to understand whether all risks have been calculated and whether Plan B has been drawn up.”

According to the Ukrainian media, “phosphorus bombs” were fired against the steel plant. Since the beginning of the conflict, Russia has already been repeatedly accused of using these weapons – for example in Irbine – and its use of them against civilians has been banned by the Geneva Convention.

Russian sources say militants at the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol may have left the plant. Surrendered white flag, But that is false news. According to what was written on social media by the councilor of the city mayor Pedro Andriyushchenko quoted by the Ukrainian media. “In order to believe the evidence of the Russian occupiers, they have already captured prisoners in Mariupol three times,” said Andriyushchenko, indicating that the Moscow army has not stopped trying to enter the Azovstal. Prevent exits from bunkers: “But no approach is practical, so the bombing is intensifying.”

“Fourth mass grave in Mariupol”

A fourth mass grave emerges at Mariupol, near the city’s central cemetery. This was reported by Radio Svoboda, which analyzed satellite images of the American company Maxar, starting with the latest complaint from the mayor’s adviser, Pedro Andrushchenko. The mass burial appears to consist of two trenches, one of which is more than 30 meters long, which was dug in early March.

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Finland and Sweden in NATO: a “serious mistake” according to Moscow

On the day of Belarusian Prime Minister Lukashenko’s visit to Moscow, the Kremlin turned to attacking the official decision of Finland and Sweden to join the Atlantic Alliance, saying it was a grave mistake: “entry into the two countries will not strengthen security.” Meanwhile, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Rybkov says Russia and the United States have not made arrangements to hold talks between their respective heads of state or their diplomatic leaders.

Finland has officially applied to join NATO. Finnish President Sauli Ninisto made the announcement on Sunday. According to broadcaster Yle News, Helsinki’s parliament is expected to discuss and approve NATO’s membership today, with the process set to begin on Tuesday. “This is a historic day,” Finland’s President Chaulin Ninisto announced at a joint news conference with Prime Minister Sanna Marin. Finland, quoted by News News, “enters a new era”.

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Rybkov says Sweden’s and Finland’s joining NATO was a “mistake” with “far-reaching consequences” and a “drastic change” in the global situation., Russian media quoted. According to Finnish Prime Minister Marin, the nuclear threat is “very serious” and Helsinki “can no longer believe that there can be a future of peace with Russia alone.” The entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO will not strengthen Europe in any way. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov firmly believes this, Explained that Russia is closely following the demands of Sweden and Finland to join the Atlantic Alliance. He argues that both countries were guided by the United States in this choice.

In response, Russia has cut off power to Finland. The news was confirmed to Sky News by Fingrid, a company that handles electricity supply in the Scandinavian country. “We are confident that there will be no major problems as Sweden will provide enough electricity to the country,” said Reima Paivinen, vice president of Fingrid.
Finland has so far received 10% of its total consumption from Russia. The break came after Helsinki confirmed its intention to join NATO.

In the next few days, perhaps as early as Tuesday, Sweden’s official request to enter into the Atlantic Treaty will be repeated.

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Why did Turkey say no to Sweden and Finland to join NATO?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan He said no Sweden And Finland In NATO: Turkey did not view the entry of the two Scandinavian countries into the Atlantic Alliance and Erdogan, like his style, did not cut down on words to express his position. The next day, Ibrahim Kalin, the president’s spokesman and adviser, noted that Turkey had “not closed the door on Sweden and Finland’s entry into NATO.”
In practice, Erdogan’s message is that we may talk about it again in the future, but certainly not now.

With a more consensual approach to access to the alliance, Ankara’s veto alone would be sufficient to thwart the demands of Stockholm and Helsinki. The change in attitude towards the policies of the past, while Ankara has always manifested itself in support of and explicitly expanding NATO’s borders.

The Turkish president pointed to Sweden and Finland’s support for terrorist organizations that adhere to zero tolerance in Ankara, turning both countries into “hotels for terrorists”.. A note about members of the Kurdish separatist organization Pkk and supporters of Fedullah Gulen, a US-based billionaire considered the mastermind of the 2016 coup.
Following the Turkish leader’s remarks on Finland and Sweden in NATO, Finnish President Sauli Ninisto said he was ready to discuss any issues with him. According to Ninisto, “so far, no immediate problems have been reported.” Although he was shocked by the Turkish president’s comments, the Finnish president said he was not worried about Turkey blocking Finland’s membership in NATO. “I think there will be a lot more discussions, and I’m not worried about that,” he said.

There is no doubt that Erdogan’s hostility to PKK members and fleeing coup leaders by the Scandinavian countries was a source of great irritation, but it was more of a negotiation than a problem blocking NATO’s path. Such a gentle moment.
The real purpose is to keep the dialogue channel with Moscow active and to live up to the threads of Turkey’s hard-to-open negotiations between Russia and Ukraine.
Erdogan is well aware that another bribe will be thrown at Russian President Vladimir Putin with the entry of Sweden and Finland.
A situation that the Turkish leader wanted to avoid altogether, through a diplomatic move determined to mediate the current crisis, brought Turkey back to the center of NATO and allowed Erdogan to gain center and credibility.

Despite insisting on an autonomous and independent dialogue with Putin, in fact, Erdogan has relied on NATO commitments to guarantee Ukraine and strongly condemn the Russian invasion. Not only politics and diplomacy, but also the military – thanks to the Turkish drones used by the Kiev army – and the humanitarian, with a welcome of about 70,000 Ukrainian refugees, more than double that of Great Britain.
Ankara, on the one hand, has refused to use sanctions on Russia, but on the other hand, at NATO’s request, it did not take long for the warships of the Phosphorus and Tardanelles Straits to close to the Black Sea. It then closed its own airspace to Russian military aircraft, breaking routes to Syria, the true southern front of Putin’s line of command. Despite Erdogan’s continued attempts to mediate and put Putin and Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zhelensky at the same table, Ankara’s weight in the West has increased..
The leader of Ankara put his country’s center on the table not only in the light of Turkey’s military arsenal, but also in the light of its geographical position as the defender of the Strait to the Black Sea and the shield on the eastern side of the alliance. Atlantic.

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NATO is expected to launch today one of the largest exercises in the history of the Baltic states. His code name is Hedgehog. Writes it there BBC. The training will take place over two weeks in Estonia and will involve 15,000 athletes from 10 countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States and non-current members Finland and Sweden.

Although well-planned before the Russian invasion of Ukraine The exercises take place at a certain tense time between NATO and Moscow. In the context of the invasion, the exercises are of symbolic importance to the Baltic states because they are intended to test the ability of the enemy forces to respond to similar incursions.

A meeting of EU foreign ministers on the Ukraine war is scheduled for today in Brussels: the knot on the embargo on Russian oil must be resolved. EU High Representative for Foreign Policy Joseph Borel: “We will do everything we can to prevent the situation, but I can not guarantee that an agreement will be reached because the conditions are strong enough: my role is not to criticize anyone but to build consensus.”

Ukraine. Because Europe is not united in Russia’s oil embargo

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