The first case of monkey flu has been identified in Italy – the Chronicle

The first case in Italy Greatness Of monkeys. A man returning from a stay in the Canary Islands showed himself in Umberto I’s emergency room.

Even health officials Massachusetts The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has said it is monitoring the spread of this rare but serious viral disease, and a recent visit to Canada confirmed the presence of a monkey box.

The news comes on the same day that health officials arrived British, Spanish And Portuguese New cases have been reported, raising fears that the virus, which is commonly found, may spread quietly from Central and West Africa. The CDC is monitoring six Americans who shared a flight with a British patient who tested positive for the monkey box.

23 suspicious monkey boxes have been analyzed in Madrid: this can be seen from the press release of the Madrid Regional Health Department. Monkey, monkey is a “very rare” disease that usually causes “fever, myalgia, lymph nodes (swollen glands) and rashes on the hands and face like chickenpox”.

The health of suspicious patients develops “favorably”. Although it is necessary to keep them “under surveillance” for the possibility of someone being admitted to the hospital, health officials say. In general, the report further states that “its spread occurs through the respiratory tract”, but, due to the characteristics of the 23 cases analyzed, it is suspected that “possible infection may have occurred by contact with mucous membranes during intercourse”. “.

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