‘The first hour of the war? I felt in a parallel reality. Maybe the Russians can do anything »- Corriere.it

In a rare interview with the Guardian, the Ukrainian First Lady describes the first days of the war: “The children were very nice, disciplined and obedient. It was like stepping into a parallel reality.”

“Maybe the Russians can really do anything.”. Thus speaks of the war crime of புச்சாFrom Like MariupolFirst lady of Ukraine Olena ZhelenskaL ‘“Target Number 2” Of the Russians.

Presented in a rare interview To the British newspaper Protector, Taking place iThe bunker at the Presidential PalaceHe describes the first days of the war as “a parallel reality” and the last months lived under special surveillance.

February 24 Zhelensky family An explosion is heard in the distance and it wakes everyone up. The president is already in the living room and dressed for work. “They started,” he tells her.

For his two sons, 9-year-old Girillo and 17-year-old Olexandra, it seems impossible to tell the sweetest versions of the truth. They were already awake and dressed. “I started packing our bags,” he says First lady of Ukraine. Later in the evening I hurriedly hugged her without kissing her husband. “It was only later that I realized I could never see him again.”

Over the next few days, he says, “I smiled brilliantly so as not to scare my boys. We followed the security order and went to where they said.

The boys “are right. Usually you have to tell him things a million times, and they were very quick and obedient that day. Then we waited a long time. News, phone calls. The TV is always on. The TV note shows it too Zhelensky family It was not hidden underground or underwater, it was assumed. But contacts with her husband, “always”, took place on devices that provided security. One of the few positive pages of these months, he says, is the distance from social media. “You are not always in every moment waiting for the reaction of others to your every move.”

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Months before the war Olena Zhelenska She hosted the First Lady and Gentlemen Summit in Kiev. Many went from Emin Erdogan to Michel Bolzano. Many of them appeared during the war. “Jill Biden was very brave and sympathetic to come“.

Brigitte Macron has offered to help rebuild some schools. Queen Madilda, a professor of psychology in Belgium, has offered advice on rehabilitation plans for when the war will end. “As Ukrainians we are not accustomed to returning to psychiatrists,” says Zhelenska. “But Now each of us carries a very heavy emotional burden“A general mental campaign is needed when the war is over,” he said.

Another reference to the first days of the war before the dismissal. When US intelligence warns daily of impending war, and Zhelensky warns Ukrainians not to panic. “Every page had different information,” he says. “Of course, no one shared military secrets with me, not even my husband. I do not even believe that war is possible. I do not even have a passport ready.

Now the president’s family lives in a protected area, and that is constantly changing. In the set of interviews, at the Presidential Palace in Kiev, the President is also acting at a certain point. He gives her a quick kiss and runs away surrounded by security. They never see each other. In which they belong to the same Ukrainian family as the others.

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