The first Russian to be suspected of being murdered in Pucha was identified

Sergei Golotse, of Belarusian descent, was the commander of a unit of the Russian National Guard. He is accused of killing four unarmed men on March 18 and torturing another citizen on March 29, according to investigators.

The victims were seen with their hands tied behind their backs and wearing a hood over their heads. “There are also signs of physical torture,” the attorney general said. “One of his victims was tortured and forced to do so by acknowledging subversive actions against the Russians – Irina Venedikova – who brutally beat the man with a handgun”. Further, the prosecutor continues, “he pointed a weapon at his temple and pretended to carry out the execution, then shot himself in the ear”. On social media, photos of Sergei Golotse spread with the intent of raiding a warehouse.

These will be some of the horrific incidents that took place in Pucha. Several civilians were found dead on the street, possibly killed during a Russian military retreat. Instead the Kremlin branded the “Pucha massacre” a fake news fabricated by the Ukrainian propaganda. Many international observers, who claim to have clear evidence of civilian killings, are of a different opinion. Several mass graves were found with hundreds of corpses.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky, who visited Pucha shortly after his release, spoke of the “genocide” perpetrated by the Russians and assured his people that none of the perpetrators would be punished. Sergei Golotse was the first official name of Pucha’s butcher, who was blacklisted by the Ukrainians.

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