The German navy chief resigned after words about Putin over the Ukraine crisis

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense announced that Achim Kay Schoenbach had “taken effect immediately”. He told a think tank in India that Putin was “respectful” and that Russia was “serving China”. Meanwhile, American weapons have arrived in Kiev

Vladimir Putin and The Crisis Ukraine The leader of the German navy was priceless. Vice Admiral Achim K. Skonbach has, in fact, resigned following controversial comments about tensions between Kiev and Moscow. This was announced by a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense on the evening of January 22nd. A spokesman for the AFP told the AFP that Shonbauk had foolishly described Russia’s desire to invade Ukraine and would step down “with immediate effect”.

Words about the Ukraine crisis have gone viral on social media

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Ukraine, New US-Russia summit to defuse tensions

Now the statements of the former head of the German navy were immediately spread on the web and caused a stir in Germany. The video was shot during a discussion organized by a think tank in New Delhi, India, and later ended up on Twitter. Schoenbach was summoned to report by Inspector General of the German Army Eberhard Zorn, and after the meeting came the announcement of his resignation.

Schன்பnbaugh: “Crimea is gone, it will not return”

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Hacker attack in Ukraine, Kiev blamed on Moscow

“Does Putin really want to annex a part of Ukraine? – Schonbach said in English – this is nonsense. The Kremlin probably wants to put some pressure because Putin knows he can do it. It’s easy to give and perhaps worthy of giving. ” The deputy admiral, among others, said, “We need Russia against China.” As head of the German navy he underlined: “I am a staunch Roman Catholic. I believe in God and Christianity”, explaining that “Russia is a Christian country” and not China. Schoenbach also made assessments of the past Russian invasion: “Crimea is gone. It will never return. This is a fact”, he concluded, referring to the annexation of the peninsula, which has not received recognition from the international community.

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Deviation of the German government

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Ukraine, Biden to Zelensky: “US will respond if Putin invades”

The government does not like his analysis of the situation in Ukraine, which, at a time when Germany and Moscow are struggling with more delicate international negotiations, can withdraw itself in order to avoid a feared military attack on Ukraine. “His speeches – read a note – do not in any way fit the position of the Ministry of Defense in the content and choice of words”. Shonbach resigned shortly after.

US weapons arrive in Ukraine

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US-Russia, Biden: Diplomacy but tough response if Putin invades Ukraine

Meanwhile, while diplomacy continues to work on the international front, US weapons have arrived in Kiev. This is the first installment of aid recently decided by Washington, which delivered 90 tons of goods (including ammunition) with 747 stars and lines. Germany, on the other hand, has again rejected Ukrainian demands for arms shipments and announced that it would send field hospitals. The news of the past few hours, however, is that London has fallen out with the United States and is increasingly determined to play an autonomous role in the current and future crisis. Great Britain, on the other hand, has ‘blown’ the steps towards its European partners and sent military assistance (anti-tank systems) to Ukraine by RAF cargo ship, excluding German skies. Kiev .. On Monday, EU leaders will meet with a regular foreign delegation in Brussels (Syria, Libya, Mali and even Sudan at the table), however, the Ukrainian document will dominate. US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen will join the distance. Time is up: the United States has promised to provide Russia with “written answers” next week. Then comes Vladimir Putin’s time.

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