The kidnapper when he was a kid said, “I’m designing my house for you.” 33 years later he rediscovered his family

Li Jingle Has been Was abducted When he was four years old. Today she is 37 years old and she hugs her mother again, Who never gave up hope of seeing him again. The story that comes with it China This is incredible, especially the way the happy ending was achieved. Li, in fact, was able to reconnect with his mother, thanks to his childhood memories. The child abduction gang kidnapped him when he was four years old from his family and neighborhood. The boy tricked himself with a toy and followed the stranger he had taken from his village.


Li said she had spent “endless nights” dreaming of going home and that she had a strong nostalgia for her since childhood. A feeling that never left him, finally, a few months ago, he decided to give it a try. And every night he wrote down in his mind the pictures on paper: he drew the most detailed map of his village, including the shapes of individual houses and the cooking habits of the neighbors. He then went outside and handed her over to the police. The map was so detailed that it allowed investigators to identify a village in the Jatong area in the Yunnan Mountains of southeastern China.

Here, a woman waited 33 years for her son to return and the DNA test provided biological confirmation of the relationship. In recent days they have come together in a liberating and moving warmth. Li was abducted in 1989 and placed in the care of a family in Langkawi, 2,000 kilometers from his hometown. Parents who taught him “the principles and values ​​of a man” and allowed him to fulfill himself in life. He studied hard and was able to move into the world of work, forming a family with his wife and children.

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Li was convinced by the story of another colleague, Guo Xinsen, who was abducted from his home in Shandong, China, in 1997 at the age of two. His father, Tuo, 51, traveled more than 500,000 kilometers across China on his motorcycle for more than twenty years, hoping to find him, with a giant picture of a child hanging on his two wheels. During his travels he enjoyed all sorts of things never letting himself get tired: he encountered robberies, was involved in road accidents, slept under bridges and had to beg when storage was over. A commitment also made in the 2015 film Lost and Love, which later allowed him to achieve his goal. Guo was discovered and was able to hug his parents again under the eyes of the whole of China. “We found out now – everything will be fine, the man said we can only be happy anymore.” Those responsible for allegedly kidnapping him and selling him off from his family have been arrested.

Unresolved cases

Two stories with happy endings in a sea of ​​unresolved cases. According to the British Daily Daily Mail, in fact, 20,000 children are abducted in China every year and sold to child-loving families. Child trafficking that has plagued the country since the 1980s. In 2016, the police reunited 2,600 people with their biological parents by creating a DNA database of missing persons. Victims of these abductions decide not to take legal action against the adopted mother and father because they have often developed a very strong emotional bond with them.

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