The latest news from Ukraine. Zelensky, China is using its influence to stop Russia

Kiev, “there is still a threat of attack from Belarus”

“There is a threat of rockets being fired from the territory of Belarus towards the Wall”. Ukrainian Army General Staff writes on Facebook about military operations in his daily update. “In the direction of Kharkiv – the report continues – the main efforts of the enemy are focused on the occupied borders, the northern border areas of Kharkiv and the advance of our troops. The enemy fires at the positions of our troops in the residential areas of Pasalivka, Brasskivka, and Krusuvaha, and conducts aerial intelligence to verify the position of our units. Also launched a missile attack on the Mykolayivka settlement, 4 km east of the Slovenes. து. The enemy continues to attack the city of Severodonetsk, and the fighting continues. Our soldiers sacrifice to the enemy. In the direction of Bakmuts, the Ukrainian troops successfully repulsed the enemy in the directions of Nagirne, Prestov, Krynikne and Rota. “In the southern buzzer direction, the enemy is focused on improving its tactical position, occupying the borders, refueling with ammunition and fuel. With the support of a military aircraft, Loshov launched a counterattack against Pila Grinitcia, without success.There are three aircraft carriers with ‘caliber’ type missiles in the Black Sea.In the last 24 hours, Ukrainian guards in the Donetsk and Luhansk directions have repulsed ten enemy attacks, one tank, three tanks Two armored fighter jets, a car and two ammunition depots were attacked, and air defense units shot down two unmanned Orlan-10 aircraft.

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