The military drone crashed into Zagreb, “coming from the battle”. All we know so far – foreign

Zagreb, March 22, 2022 – Croatia in shock: 3am An army drone Fell In Zagreb. According to experts, it has definitely arrived From war zones, But it is not known whether he is Russian or Ukrainian. The drone then flew from Hungary to Croatia, here from Romania and before that from Ukraine. A long journey in autonomy, and dangerously out of control. According to experts, it must be a spy drone Type Tu-141 Soviet production, used by the Ukrainian military. And since the plane is a Operation range of about 1,000 kilometers, It may have started from the area Of Odessa.

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Now in Zagreb, they want to know exactly Because he fell In their head, and What are the risks for the future, Now the armed conflict is approaching the Romanian border. The Croatian government says both civilian and military police investigators are on duty Was born He wants to see clearly. Zagreb Meyer, Tomislav Tomasevic, confirmed that some parts of the drone ended up in different parts of the city, which were later cordoned off by police.

No injuries, but since it was an accident Collided in the parking lot In the university area, a 2-3 m diameter groove is formed with a loud roar. Population density: No shortage of evidence and videos on social media. “Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can land in Croatian airspace from east to west or from Hungarian airspace, according to data collected. 700 kilometers per hour And 1,300 meters high. “Croatian Prime Minister Andrzej Blenkovic has confirmed the start of government investigations.

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“It simply came to our notice then This is not a threat to Croatia. “, Announced the Croatian Ministry of Defense. Radars indicated that the drone was in Croatian airspace Seven minutes, It was flying over Hungary for 40 minutes.

Drone model: Soviet-made Tu-141

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